Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Iron Chef Sacramento

I came home from work tonight and enthusiastically told my husband we were going to play a fun game. Iron Chef Sacramento! He'll be Bobby Flay and I'll be Alton Brown. We'll pretend the other chef didn't show up for the competition, so he doesn't have to cook four or five gourmet courses; just one will be enough to qualify. He'll have an hour. And the secret ingredient is:


He just looked at me and asked, "Have you had a couple cocktails?"

Sheesh! I really can't trick that guy into much of anything! At least he didn't wait for me to do a back flip or two to start off the competition.


Happy Valley Quilter said...

What?! No back flip?

I hope you're the clean shaven Alton Brown. Hate the beard!

atet said...

Hehehehehe -- love that you chose Alton Brown. He's a favorite of mine. Wouldn't work with my hubby either, but then again, that could be because I've convinced him I can't cook. Shhhhh -- don't tell him that I can.

C'tina said...

I had to LOL @ your comment on P.W. today, in response to lack of Starbucks and the ranch tour? :)

I started a quilt once when I was pregnant...he's now 5 years old...would you believe I hand sew really slow? nah, I'm just not that ambitious, a quality I'm not proud of...quilt making is a wonderful art that I envy. Someday I'll finish it...

Toni Anderson said...

LOL. I'm not sure why I had dirty thoughts here! Sorry :/

Just the idea of getting a man to cook without a gun to his head (or hole in his stomach) brings some weird images to mind. Yikes.

The ham looks gorgeous BTW.