Monday, April 9, 2007

Who Would YOU Iron Sheets For?

I FINALLY finished this quilt last night--got the binding all done. The piecing's far from perfect, but when I made it, I was playing around with some leftover blocks and a limited amount of mostly leftover fabric, and after trying to remake some of the blocks a couple times and not getting the corners lined up, I gave up and figured it just wanted to live its life as a utility quilt, not an heirloom or quilt show worthy piece. But it's very bright and springy on my bed, so I'm satisfied.

I was chatting a bit with the Mare's Nest gal about Martha Stewart--who seems to be on my mind lately--and mentioned that I think she has some neat ideas but some of what she does drives me nuts--like ironing sheets. Who in their right mind irons sheets? But, not being one to see everything simply in black and white, I started thinking about the gray areas. Was there some instance when I might be inclined to iron my sheets? This is the subject that occupied me on my drive to work.

Brad Pitt. Now maybe if Brad Pitt was expected to see my sheets, I might iron them. Do you think Angelina cares about ironed sheets? But then I don't look like Angelina either. Maybe if I had really nice sheets, he wouldn't notice I don't look like Angelina? Doubtful.

Who else? I'm not sure. Sadly enough, my fantasy life is kind of boring--or at least I'm sure it would be to most people. Mostly I fantasize about fabric. Quilt fabric, not ironed sheets. And I don't care much for ironing either. In fact, I fully embraced that look for men in casual attire--that rumpled, wrinkly look. Of course, my husband's a little rumpled and wrinkly too, so it's a natural.

And I have to wonder: If I ironed my sheets, would I be comfortable sleeping on them? Or would I lay very, very still all night, not wanting to get them wrinkled? And I think I would certainly HAVE to make the bed every morning, which I only do about 75 percent of the time now.

No, ironed sheets aren't for me, and neither is Brad Pitt, sad to say. Frankly, at this point, I'll be happy to go home tonight and find that Rocky, my daughter's boxer, hasn't slobbered on them in passing. Clean sheets--it's a GOOD thing!


Happy Valley Quilter said...

WAHT?! You mean you didn't iron the sheets before I came and stayed with you last year?

Your quilt turned out great. Congratulations on another completed quilt!

Carole said...

Your quilt turned out lovely. As for ironed sheet, Brad naw but give me George Clooney any day! I remember reading eons ago in Cosmopolitain something about the pleasures of messing up a bed (an article on afternoon delight and making your bed in the morning). Maybe that applies to sheets, the thrill of messing them up, wrinkling them. Perhaps you need to get in touch with your wild side. LOL Have you ever noticed that linen and towels are white in Martha's home. If I had white towels, I'd be changing them every time my daughter washed her hands. I don't have time for that especially if I have to iron sheets in case George likes to kringle them! LOL Happy quilting!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Yeah, for George I'd nearly iron my stomach flat!!!Brad would just have to take me and the sheets as is! Tracey

Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

Beautiful quilt!!!

When I was growing up and learning how to iron, my grandmother had me ironing sheets and pillowcases. Ugh! No, won't iron sheets for anyone - not Brad or George! LOL

atet said...

Iron sheets? Umm...doesn't this pre-suppose that you actually make the bed? Or that you have TIME to do stuff like that. Not for Brad, George, Orlando Bloom or even Johnny Depp would I iron sheets. If they are lucky they would get clean ones. If not -- well, I have quilts to make!

Emmly said...

You write very well.