Sunday, April 8, 2007

Bunnies Need Not Apply

Easter arrived last night at midnight--as it has a tendency to do--along with my daughter and her boxer named (what else?!) Rocky. My 23-year-old daughter lives in Lake Tahoe and works as a bartender in a casino. Tahoe is a prime recreation area with an abundance of winter and summer sports, and most of the 20- and 30-somethings work only to earn enough money to support their passion for sport. My daughter and her boyfriend had planned a back country trek this weekend, wanting to get in as much snowboarding as possible before the snow disappears; unfortunately, she turned her ankle snowboarding last week, so she decided to come home for the holiday instead.

Rocky, I'm told, is my granddog. He's a sweet but slobbery guy who rarely leaves my daughter's side except to pace around and explore his surroundings.

So, this Easter morning, we have an overabundance of animals, although a couple of them have made themselves pretty scarce. Our younger cat, Spike, is terrified of Rocky and has been hiding under the bed since he arrived. I finally coaxed her out and set her on top of the amoire in my bedroom with some food and water where she's pretending to sleep but reveals her anxiety every time she hears a noise and looks at the bedroom door with panic in her eyes.

My daughter thought it might be fun to let our two dogs out of their dog run to play with Rocky, but when one of them expressed some interest in Rocky's food bowl, growls erupted and Rocky pinned her to the ground. Play time over.

Meanwhile, our older cat, Button, is frightened of Rocky but--cat-like--refuses to show that she's intimidated and has spent much of the morning in sight but up on the kitchen counters and cupboards. My husband has been doing a little baking this morning, preparing a coffee cake for our Easter morning meal. It seems that Button has been able to set aside her fear of Rocky long enough to check out the baking. None of us would have noticed if it wasn't for the evidence she was wearing--check out the flour all over her face--normally she's pure black! LOL!

Does she look bored, or what? The consumate feline actress! Thank goodness the Easter bunny hasn't shown up--I can't imagine what would happen if we added one more animal to this menagerie! Have a wonderful Easter day!


Conni Lu said...

Great story! Sometimes pets can act just like children.
My step-nephew lives out there in your area, is a chef, and teaches snow-boarding as well.
We had a great day. We were invited to son's for dinner (no cooking for me, YAAY), my favorite foods (Italian), got to see my grandkids, my parents, and a sister & spouse. And GREAT coffee too. I didn't get a basket of candy but with all that who needs it.

Greenmare said...

I'm catching up on reading blogs and I have to tell you I love yours! Great critters, love the flour on the black cat.
The sunbonnet duck is a hoot. I started a major war on a different quilt digest by remarking that I don't particularly care for sunbonnet sue either! Some of the ladies were a bit outraged to say the least. I got a few who emailed me to say thank goodness they could agree finally! But one lady actually said "shame on you for not liking that sweet little girl" umm, is she a REAL person? it was pretty funny! I also got several lectures on what sunbonnets are used for. another giggle! okay, so I like to instigate stuff sometimes when things get too boring!