Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Cake Please!

The bake shop opened again this evening after a trip to the grocery store to restock some of the ingredients. Five more cakes were made--the fifth is still in the oven as I write. Twelve cakes baked in all (not including the two "practice" cakes) and a few more to go, but those last few will be baked later in the week. Many of these cakes will be distributed tomorrow when we go to my in-laws' house for our annual Christmas celebration.

And, on the quilting front, between cakes I finished the Hey Ghoul Friend quilt that I'll be teaching starting in January. It's never too early to start thinking about Halloween, although I am feeling a little seasonally confused working on a Halloween quilt with only a few days to go until Christmas! If you click on the photo, I think you can see some of the trim I've added tonight. Personally, I love the "diamond ring" she's wearing!

While I was out running to the grocery store, I took the opportunity to stop at Kohl's and pick up a few last gifts. Other than needing a couple gift certificates (and a couple more cakes), I think I'm just about ready for Christmas as far as gifts go. How about you? I'm certain many of us will be busy this weekend preparing for the holiday. Our son, his girlfriend, and our daughter will be here on Christmas, and I still need to decide what to cook. I'm leaning toward "simple," so maybe something like a Honeybaked Ham will end up on our table.

Time for me to get off this computer--that last cake needs to come out of the oven in a few minutes and I still want to make a cheese ball tonight for our get together tomorrow. I hope all of you are enjoying this holiday season!


Unknown said...

'good Morning,Kim, The ghoul friend is so cute, sporting her new diamond. I bet you will have a large class to make this quilt for next Halloween.

Then those cakes will certainly be the hit of the party.

alda said...

absolut lovely!!! This quilt is realy great!!! At that time I feel a little seasonal confused too because of my working on my Summer Quilt with some ladybugs on it.
I can finish it soon ,it's hand quilted to the half so I have another part to go.

Unknown said...

I love the quilt! Is it a pattern. That would be totally cute for next year. So should I start on all the projects I have that I won't have time to start on until after Christmas. Like a Christmas Tree Skirt, New Stockings, Christmas Quilt. Or do I put them in the drawer and hope that by October I can work on them? Hmmmm...

Anonymous said...

The cakes look really tasty (I wish we had the applesauce here in Finland) and I really love the diamond ring! What a cute idea. Greetings from rainy Helsinki

Judy said...

Hey I like the boob job on the purple tank top! LOL!! I love that fabric you used for the stockings, I have that and used tons of it in my halloween quilt! Too cool, your quilting is fantastic!

Busy Little Quilter said...

It sounds like you are having fun getting everything together for Christmas.

The quilt is adorable, and the quilting is great, as usual. :)

Have fun tomorrow with your family!

Lady of the Cloth said...

That quilt is just so cute, I have a niece who loves Halloween and I would sure like to make that for her. I don't live close enough to take the class with you (wish I did). Is that pattern available? If so where could I purchase it.
Thanks in advance and have a wonderful Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I wish I lived near you as I would sign up for that class in an instant. My Mom's birthday is Hallowe'en and I'm always looking for something special to make for her. Is the pattern available separately? Have a Happy Holiday.

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Holly Molly! You are right "Applesauce Cake Success!"

I am gathering the ingredients and I will make it to have Christmas morning - thanks to you.

Wonderful quilting and love that ring! What a joy to read your blog.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing! The cakes look yummy and the quilt is fantastic! Love the ring too!
For your Christmas ham, try a spiral cut ham in a pan with sides, poor ginger ale on it, then honey, then bake. The ginger ale leeches the salt out of the ham and gives just a hint of ginger flavor and the honey a touch of sweet. Yummy!