Sunday, July 20, 2014

There Goes the Neighborhood

I'm happy to report that home construction has come to an end for some of us.  Yes, I'm talking about the Country Homecoming quilt blocks.  I'll give you a peek at all 12 of my blocks up on the design wall:

And here's a look at blocks 11 and 12 made by three of us--first up are Tina's houses:

Sheryn's houses 11 and 12:

And finally mine:

You'll also want to check out Tanya's blocks over on HER BLOG. Tanya also shared a photo of Paulette's quilt and I'll show you Anna's.  Paulette and Anna were part of the original blog group who inspired the rest of us to make this quilt.

Just a reminder:  This quilt is one of the patterns in a book called Primitive Gatherings:  Quilts and Accessories.   It will be a couple months before you see our tops finished--we're allowing ourselves extra time to get the sashing and all of the border applique done.

Here's another little project I recently finished--it's a monthly Buttermilk Basin pattern for August.  If owls are showing up on our quilt projects, can fall be too far away?

It's hard to believe that summer is almost half over!  Happy quilting!

Addendum:  Check out Nancie Anne's houses HERE.


dianne said...

why do i always get the i wants toward the end of EVERYONE ELSE's quilt-alongs?!?

prolly cuz that's when the Magick Happens...

i think i will NOT dig through my plaids - i want houses out of BRIGHT plaids and i don't have any...

and that's how i roll...

Nancie Anne Quilts said...

Goodmorning Girls! Isn't it great to be at this stage with houses complete? Since I can't find a contact for you,Thank You Tina, for your always kind & uplifting comments!
I'm enjoying the pastel influence in both Tina & Kims quilts and I see Sheryn was also feeling a bit patriotic this month! Love the triple window with windowbox!
Now for that wonderful border that we all love!

Anna said...

Yeah!!!! You guys rock! Doesn't it feel fabulous :). I so love Buttermilk Basin designs...I have a bunch in my UFO pile, LOL