Sunday, March 2, 2014

Another Quilt Show . . .

This weekend I attended the annual quilt show in Manteca, California.  I've been going to this one for the past several years, and it's always enjoyable with an excellent variety of vendors and beautiful quilts.  This year's featured artist was Cathie Hoover.  Clicking on her name will take you to her website where you can also access her blog to view more of her work.  Here's one of her quilts that particularly tickled me:

I had to take a photo from a side angle, and in trying to fix the camera distortion, I ended up losing part of the bottom and left side of the quilt, but I think you can see most of it.  Several of Cathie Hoover's quilts included cows and I loved that--I suspect many of us from California's Central Valley are partial to cows!

Here's more eye candy:

I think the next one may be a Verna Mosquera pattern but the descriptive note didn't mention the designer.  I started talking to another woman who said she belonged to a group and they'd all been working on this particular quilt pattern.  Lovely!

This pattern is called Heart and Home by The Quilt Company.  I first saw it some years ago and bought the patterns, but I have yet to make the quilt--as is true of so many patterns I love!  It was great to see it made.

I always love to get photos of A Tisket, A Tasket, Anne Sutton's free online BOM from some years ago, whenever I see them made and hanging at quilt shows.  It's another one I have yet to make, but I hope to some day!  How about you?  Did you save the patterns to make someday too, or did you, perhaps, get this one made?

I always love applique, and this one was pretty--I particularly love the watermelon and ant section!

The last two quilts are a couple of log cabin block quilts; the first one incorporates grandmother's fan blocks.  The card said it was a Thimbleberries pattern but I don't recall it, do you?  I wondered if it might be Thimble Blossoms?   Anyone?

We loved this one and saw a very similar quilt at a local quilt shop.  It's simple enough to use a barn raising setting for log cabin blocks and then add some center applique.  I have an old quilt top made from Kansas Troubles fabric and the pattern was called Seeds of Time--do any of you remember that one?  I've held off on finishing it because I wanted to add some applique.  I think this may just give me an idea!

A friend who went with me said I'd taken so much time in the vendor booths, she finished a quilt while she waited for me.  Ha!

The truth is that while she waited for me, she went into the country store/flea market/boutique room and found this quilt--a real steal at $35!  Sheesh, why can't I find bargains like these?!

Finally, I wanted to show you this one.  After the show, my friend and I went to lunch and talked about what we'd seen.  We both mentioned loving this quilt, so by the time we finished lunch, we had made up our minds to rush back to the show to see if we could get the kit and/or pattern.

I had already purchased some of the fabrics elsewhere, so I didn't want to buy the kit, but I DID purchase the book that contains the pattern, Screen Shot.  The book is Season Premier and it was published specially in connection with a Southern California Shop Hop.  There are four different patterns in the book that can be made in different sizes, and this was one of them.   Clicking on the name above will take you to a source for the book.  The kit, however, was offered by Monica's Quilt and Bead Creations in Palm Desert.  The don't have an online store, but they do have a website and you can call them if you're interested in the kit--I'm sure they'll carry the book as well.  My friend bought the kit, and I came home and ordered the additional fabric I needed--the vendor didn't have the fabrics separately, just the kits.  The fabric line is Nevermore.

If you're looking for Scrap Basket Sunday sign-ups, the post is below.  Enjoy your day!


Laura K said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Oh how I miss the SoCal Quilt Run. I went every year until I moved to Utah! I think I may have had that quilt book at one time. I don't know if they did more than one book since I haven't been able to go the past three years but I did pick up a special book they had one year and I still have a kit to complete from one of the other quilt shops. Thank you so much for sharing your quilty adventures with us.

carol fun said...

Oh you made me fondly remember going to Manteca and other local quilt guild shows in the Central Valley. I lived 3 yrs in Modesto and there were so many lovely shows. That Halloween quilt is wonderful - I need to check into that.

Anonymous said...

Am feeling a touch of deja vu after reading your blog today. I've had two classes with Cathie in Modo when I lived in Oakdale. Finished Anne's Tisket Tasket quit, but have more to do on Heart n Home! The Manteca quilt show was always a pleasure to attend; such talented quilters.
Started the March BOM tree yesterday and ordered a 5"charm pack of Anne's new snowmen prints on sale at Fat Quarter Shop. Thanks for sharing the quilt pics. Sorry I missed the show.

Anna said...

We must be we seem to buy or want to make the same quilts! Tisket a Tasket is on my UFO list...I am going to finish it this year. I have the 4 seasons quilts and have already shrunk them down for a more manageable size and I have the fabric used in the final shot...yep we are related.

Judy in Michigan said...

The watermelon quilt is from a calendar book (I can find the name if you wish) but each month was a separate little quilt. Good idea to put your favorites into a small lap size. We have the book at my LQS.