Saturday, February 1, 2014

Jersey Rose . . .

Will you, too, be spending Super Bowl Sunday quilting?  If so, you might want to make a bouquet of roses, like I made for my Jersey Rose quilt . . . which I'll spend Super Bowl Sunday quilting!

I've prepared a tutorial for those of you who wanted it, and it will post at midnight tonight, Pacific standard time.  If you want to duplicate my idea using the Schnibbles Jersey Girl quilt pattern as a base, you'll be happy to hear designer Carrie Nelson understands the idea of immediate gratification--or nearly so--by offering a PDF of the pattern for purchase and email delivery.  When I've purchased from her, the pattern is normally in my email folder by the next day at the latest.  You can find her Schnibbles patterns HERE (just make sure you order the PDF versions of her quilts for email delivery).


KMSC said...

Your rendition of Jersey Girl is gorgeous. I'll be interested in your tutorial on making the roses.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Joy Candrian said...

That is so pretty!

Katsmith said...

I just saw your quilt on Pinterst and I'd love to know more about how you made the roses.

PS I grew up pin the East Bay and still have family there

gemini47quilting said...

Hello Kim. I am interested in making a version of your Jersey Rose quilt and have been trying to find Carrie Nelson's site to purchase the pattern for the background - it appears that she is not online anymore so I am wondering how I can get this pattern. I am keen on the pdf format as I am in Australia and freight charges are a bit exie. Are you able to fill me in please.
Many thanks
Glenice Jones

Greg Stewart said...

Hi Kim. I am also interested in making this Jersey Rose quilt and I tried going to the link that you provided, however it no longer takes you to a site that has any quilts.

Can you help provide any information as to where I might get the pattern and your tutorial notes?

Thank you,