Friday, February 14, 2014

Continuing as I Began . . . Late!

Yes, I'm talking about the Star Light, Star Bright quilt along.  I finished making a gaggle of geese--they were supposed to be done by Wednesday, so I'm two days late!  Ah, well, maybe I can catch up before next Wednesday when we have to complete our half square triangles.  Here are my geese:

So far, so good . . . just late.  But then if you asked anyone who knows me, they'd tell you that's standard operating procedure for me.  And speaking of late . . . it's time for bed.

Thanks for stopping by to visit.  I hope you're having a happy Valentine's Day!


Melissa Corry said...

I figure as long as your quilt is done by the end, then it is never late ;) Great job on your geese, they look fantastic!! Have fun with the HST's ;)

Moneik said...

Great job! I was late with my cutting, but I am getting caught back up. I've got the HST's sewn, but not trimmed yet.