Tuesday, November 26, 2013

That's Just Wrong

Back in the dark ages when offices had nearly as many "dedicated word processors" as they had "personal computers" and networks were a new concept, the internet was born. And you all know that about two minutes later, Bonnie Hunter started Quiltville, right? And Yahoo started "groups." And quilting circles grew much larger as we reached out across the virtual universe and made contact with one another. To do that, of course, we all needed internet access and email accounts. And life was good.

Like every other quilter, about ten minutes after the internet was invented, I opened an email account. And I wanted my email address to reflect my interests--to tell everyone who the "real me" was and what I was into. I knew, of course, there were already tons and tons of email addresses with the word "quilter" in them, but I also knew applique--which I loved--was dreaded by many and referred to in quilting circles as the "A word." Reason told me there would be fewer email addresses that referenced applique--so that's what I decided use in my email address. Perfect!

Before long, everyone in the world jumped aboard the internet train and "social media" was born. The days of home gaming on Nintendo (remember ATARI?!) morphed into "apps" that were available on every hand-held, laptop, or desktop device.

That first email account I opened is the one I still use when asked for an email address. Spam just can't be avoided, so I give out that email address knowing businesses share email information, and I'm likely to get even more spam in that account. Oh, well, that's life in the modern world. At least that way, I can keep spam in my other email account--the one associated with this blog and less public in some ways--to a minimum.

But you know what? Recently it came to my attention that the vast majority of people I give that first email address to have absolutely no idea about quilting and applique. And so to most of the population, I'm not recognized as an appliquer anymore. Nope. Now my email address is read as "app liquer." Seriously? I don't even own a cell phone to run apps on!

I wonder if anyone wants to pay me big bucks to buy my old email address? Probably not. Definitely not anyone who would be reading THIS blog anyway! Ah, well.


Paula, the quilter said...

I have an email addy that I use like that. Now there is a quilt magazine that would probably just ♥♥♥ to have that address as it is the name of their magazine.

Bonnie said...

Love this post. I too, early on had a great quilter email address. And then we moved and there was no Comcast where we moved to and I gave it up. Then we moved again and there was Comcast. But I bet my old email address was not available. In fact I didn't even get a Comcast email address. I have three addresses that can move with me although we say we aren't moving again.... Thanks for the great post.

Angie in SoCal said...

Loved this post - chuckled all the way through it. I, too, have an odd email. I couldn't find a unused one with angie for the life of me and settled on lvbfan - Ludwig von Beethoven fan - no one got it and no one replied except spammer - LOL.