Monday, October 7, 2013

One Ton Tomato

There's a Cuban song whose lyrics sounds like "One Ton Tomato" to those of us who don't know Spanish--you know which one I mean, right?  It's actually called Guantanamera, I believe, but part of me always associates it with tomatoes and this morning was no exception.  No, I didn't actually have one ton of tomatoes, but it kind of felt like it.  In reality, I "only" had 20 pounds.

Why did I have 20 pounds of tomatoes?  Ah, good question!  I thought, since summer is almost over, I'd hit the farmer's market yesterday (Saturday morning) and stock up on tomatoes so I could roast a bunch, make spaghetti sauce, and freeze it for use through the winter.

So much of Sunday was spent humming Guantanamera; cutting up tomatoes and chopping onion, garlic, and basil; roasting tomatoes; and making sauce.  Now I have 10 plastic containers ready to go into the freezer--yum!  Want to grab some of the last of the season's tomatoes and make some for yourself?  I showed the steps and gave my readers my recipe exactly a year ago--you can find that post HERE.

While the sauce bubbled on the stove, I watched a little Sunday evening television and sewed up another 30 sashing strips for the Pie in the Sky quilt (Kim Diehl's pattern).

I think I might be ready to start sewing the blocks and sashing soon, although I have to clear the design wall first.  I have a little Halloween project taking up wall space that I need to finish up.  I hope you had a lovely and productive Sunday too, whatever you ended up doing!