Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Remember the Bunny Hill Pumpkin Pie applique quilt I started a few weeks ago?  Here's a reminder of what the finished quilt will look like:

Two of my friends are making this quilt too, and we decided to gather at the home of one of them about every two weeks; Sunday night we started working on "pumpkin 2" which appears three times in the quilt.  I finished the last of mine today:

While I was at my friend's house, her husband wasn't feeling well, and we ended up stopping early so she could take him to urgent care.  I thought it could be appendicitis, but it turned out to be something else that's serious enough to keep him in the hospital for a couple days but it won't involve surgery and he should be fine again soon.  Needless to say, she was able to finish her pumpkins while sitting in the urgent care and hospital waiting rooms.  I bet she'll always remember that experience whenever she brings out her finished quilt each year!

Oh, speaking of seasonal decorating, I KNEW I was a little late getting out the fall decorations this year--for me, at least--but in case there was any doubt about my tardiness, it was confirmed for me when I stopped at the grocery store today and saw they have small pumpkins for sale and some of their other decorative seasonal "produce" is out too.  I guess I'll have to decorate before too long, but it's really hard to get in the mood when the temperatures outside are around 100 degrees!

My couple days of vacation are over, Hubby is doing fine following his carpal tunnel surgery, and I feel like I haven't gotten very much done during the time I was off.  In fact, it seems like I've gotten a lot less done since I started dieting and exercising and putting in overtime at work too.  And after mulling it over for the last week or so, I've decided to pull back on blogging a little--when I don't have time to sew and I don't have anything quilt-wise to share, it's a chore to come up with something to talk about, and then I have even LESS time to sew.  Catch-22, right?  So don't look for me to post here every day--at least not for awhile.  That number in the title of this blog post?  That's how many blog posts I've written and I think it's been something like six years of writing almost every day.  Yikes!  That's a lot of talking!

So I'll write when I have something to say and/or something to show here, and that will probably happen a couple times a week.  And I'll keep doing Scrap Basket Sunday for now--I want to finish my Pie in the Sky quilt, at least, and maybe either a string quilt or a pineapple quilt, or both, so as long as I'm working with scraps, I'm happy to share those posts with you and encourage you to join in and link up with me.  So thanks for stopping by and I hope I'll "see" you again soon.


Donna said...

Great pumpkins.

2327! Wow! A break is in order. I will look forward to your less frequent posts. Have a great day!

Fiesta said...

Wow, I hope your friends husband recovers soon.its good you were there for support and help

Sally said...

I'll miss reading your blog but I sure understand. Life keeps us busy.

Nicole said...

I know what you mean. I blog nearly every day as well, and it gets to be a chore when there is nothing interesting going on. I took a super long break this summer, and have just gotten back to it. I agree, a few times a week is plenty!

Sandy said...

Well, who can blame you, Kim. Although I have to say, you're really good at it and your posts are always interesting. I myself am lucky if I post something once a week! And when blogging gets in the way of sewing, you know something's got to give ~

Doris R. said...

Hi Kim, even though I look forward to reading you everyday, I certainly understand how trying to fit 48 hours of life into a 24 hour time span! I will read at whatever frequency you choose to post. Take care of you and find the time to recharge your passion, and if that means you blog a little less, so be it! :_)))

Read you later,
Doris R.

Sinta Renee said...

Well, for me that is a whole lot of reading... because I have been reading everything you have had to say for such a long time. I can't imagine you not having something fun and interesting and inspiring to share Kim. Are you serious? I love the Pumpkins... I thought it might even be great at a table runner size.

Anonymous said...

OH NO.....I just found you! I will just have to go back and read your older post. I totally understand though. You Sew Girl!


Anonymous said...

: ( I sure will miss reading your posts every morning. It is the last thing I do before my drive to work. You always brighten up my day. I do understand though.

cook said...

Ok I miss you! Janet