Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Where's Waldo?

Okay, I'm not really talking about Waldo but that's what popped into my mind.  I thought you might be wondering where I am since I didn't post at my normal time late last night.

Well, as I mentioned a couple days back, work is super busy this week, and I ended up working last night until 9:30, trying to keep up with what has to go out this week.  After coming home and having something to eat, I really didn't have much time before bed to write--and I didn't have enough functioning brain cells left to think of words to string together into sentences, and sentences into paragraphs . . . .

I DID, though, find time to get in a little exercise.  Soccer Son and his Lovely Wife came over for dinner on Monday night bearing gifts--a stationary bicycle they weren't using anymore.  So last night I rode for 20 minutes (not altogether--it was split up into three shorter sessions), and traveled nearly 5 miles while going absolutely nowhere!  What's crazy to me is the amount of exercise and effort it takes to burn a measly 175 calories!  But by the time I was done, I was too hot and tired to want to have the "diet" ice cream sandwich I had been considering, so I figured I was ahead another 140 calories right there.

Now it's time for me to finish getting ready for the work day.  It seems like I just left!

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Heckety said...

HA HA! My sentiments exactly as regards the exercise bike!!!