Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How Can Something That Hurts so Bad be so Good For You?

Okay, I know I'm just being a big baby, but I was right--exercise = pain.

Seriously, I got out of bed this morning and thought, "Hummmm.  Yes, I'm sore, but it's not TOO bad; not nearly as bad as I thought it would be."  Well, guess what?  As the day went on, I got more and more stiff and sore until . . . well, until right now, I guess.  I feel like I haven't hit the pain peak yet, because I sure can't say I'm any better now than I was an hour or two ago, and it seems to just get worse as time goes by.

After dinner tonight, I went into the Sweat Shop . . . .  Actually, that makes it sound much too fast.  Let me rephrase it.  After dinner tonight, I sat on the couch for about 30 minutes, thinking about getting up and moving but knowing it was going to be painful when I did and questioning whether my thigh muscles would even work.  Finally I got up and hobbled into the Sweat Shop.  Once I arrived about ten minutes later, I sat down and thought about what I wanted to work on.  Then I thought some more.  And it occurred to me that what I really wanted to do was take a hot bath and go to bed.  So that's what I'm doing.  I already took the hot bath (although it had cooled significantly by the time I convinced myself to try to stand up and get out).  And after I'm done on the computer, I'm going to work on convincing myself to get up one more time and head to bed.

Sadly, there was no sewing done tonight, and here I was expecting it would be my one free and productive evening.  Nope; didn't happen.  And I have CrossFit classes the next two nights.  I can't imagine how I'm going to get through them alive, but I'm going to keep at it--easy to say now while I'm sitting comfortably in a chair.

And yes, I did take ibuprofen last night and continued taking it today.  I drank water.  I took a couple hot baths.  I prayed a few times.  I tried to stretch out the sore muscles a little, thinking that if I used them more, they'd feel better.  Someone suggested today, "but it's a good pain, right?"  Well, if it is, I don't want to know what a bad pain feels like.  A "good pain."  What's that?!

I'll try to get back here tomorrow if I can still walk.  Send good thoughts my way.


Josie McRazie said...

Do you watch How I met your Mother? I just watched the episode the other day where NPH (Barney) ran the Boston Marathon and then rode the subway and could not walk! This reminds me of that! But it gets better! You can do it!

Anita said...

Good for you, I was taking a boot camp class. I was feeling the same pain a few months ago. I totally get the good pain thing. I could barely walk up the stairs in my house. I hope it gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe exteme excercise is good for anyone. Lots of people are needing joint replacements,carpel tunnel,etc. If you abuse something you may have serious problems . I'd say walk/move every day and eat properly and most of us would be better off.

Nancy H. said...

Sorry to hear you are suffering. I have done what you did and felt the pain. Since then I have decided it is better to start slowly, very slowly, and work up to doing as much as you can. You will get there, in time, and then its not so painful and you will enjoy it more and won't want to give up. When my friend started walking she was out of breath after one block. Now she walks five miles everyday! It just takes time. Give yourself the time to work up to those hard workouts. Hope you feel better soon.

Carolyn Sullivan said...

I text "OUCH" to my trainer, when I am hurting after a w/o. I think they want to know. otherwise I think they make it harder the next time.

JMac said...

Keep on going -- you don't have to be Superwoman at every workout -- you just show up every time you're supposed to, and do what you can, and one day you'll make it through the whole workout.