Friday, July 5, 2013

Your Turn

What are your three favorite quilt-related blogs?  The lesser known the better.  Here's the deal:

A year or two ago, I asked people to name their three favorite quilting blogs, and many of us found new, interesting blogs and bloggers as a result.  I'd like to do that again.  Don't name mine, and don't name Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville blog--since we're all HERE, we all know my blog, and I don't know anyone who doesn't know Bonnie Hunter, right?

It would be excellent if you could also say what you like about the blogs; i.e., good quilting tips, beautiful photography, funny writing, lots of giveaways, lots of free patterns, the blogger's tastes are just like yours--whatever it is that draws you back again and again.  And I'd be okay if you list TWO quilt-related blogs and ONE that's not, as long as the one that's not a quilt-related blog would appeal to the average quilter-type person.

And to get you to participate, I'm doing two things:  First, I'm temporarily taking off that thing where you have to decipher and type some random words and numbers to prove you're not a robot when you leave a comment.  Second, if you comment about three blogs, you have a chance to win a prize.

Two charm packs--Papillon by Three Sisters--and a Schnibbles pattern called Paganini.  Sort of "oldies but goodies" from my stash that I picked for you because I think they'll make a cute, summery little quilt.  I'll draw a name from the comments on Sunday night and announce the winner on Monday's blog post.

I'm looking forward to your recommendations.  Thanks!


Amy said...

Okay, Kim, here are three of my favorites this time around:

Thimbleanna - Anna's quilts are beautiful, her photographs are lovely and her family stories make me want to live near her. Sigh.

Trends and Traditions - Heather's got great patterns out there that tackle interesting piecing with excellent instructions (read them all the way first). Her binding tutorials are the best on the internet; she teaches us odd angles with directions that really work. And her baby boy is precious!

Block-A-Day - Lily is from down under. Her projects and prose are poetry. Her photos are art. She has such a warm and kind sense of humor that is evident in her blog. I'd like to have a cuppa with her in Oz.

Have fun with these three blogs.

Anonymous said...

Here I am the first to comment. You said you rarely pick the first one, but I live in WV and get up very early, so I'm in that position again. Here are three of my favoriate.

Red Brolly--lots of nice patterns for download. She also has a shop to order her patterns.

Simplify--She designs fabric and patterns that are to die for. Also good tips and she shows her quilts that she has made that are just beautiful

Trend and Traditions--again a designer with lots of photos of her work. She also knits if you have an interest there. Also, she has a son named Carter that is so hansome. She keeps us up-to-date with photos of him--Darling!!!

Thanks for the chance to win.


Anonymous said...

Whoops, someone beat me in being first. I guess while I was typing she sent hers.


Anonymous said...

a scrappy quilter, a few medallion mystery she is generously sharing, what's not to love about her blog

I loved her block of the month last year ( and was collecting the patterns before my computer died, boo, hiss ) I love Love Entwined and she is starting a second BOM July 15th

and for the non quilty one, because I love cats


Dorian said...

What a great idea Kim!

Life in the Scrapatches--one of my best friends, she does beautiful work and has some great tutorials.

Lovin Life at the End of a Dirt Road... she has a great sense of humor, lives on a big old ranch and I enjoy reading about ranch life as well as seeing her beautiful quilts.

Stitchery Dickory Dock... she has a great sense of humor, does lots of gorgeous quilting things, and talks about her darling kids, which include twin boys.

(I too, really like Trends and Traditions and Thimblanna)

Donna said...

Three favorite blogs? I have so many. These are the three that came to mind today -

Cat Patches - Barb has me interested in embroidery on quilts. She's a great cook, photographer, quilter, writer, gardener and is owned by Smitty, a unique cat.

Sew'n Wild Oaks - Lynn designs fabulous quilts. I'm quilting along on her Country Charmer and have 4 more of her designs on my "to do list." She is generous with help and advise (check out her tutorials). Lynn's blog is happy and cheerful.

Squash House - Candace is fun! Her blog is always a pleasure to read. She shares her travels, her garden, her receipts and quilting. Candace is a cat person - her kitties are very active.

Those are my three for today. Ask me tomorrow and the list would likely change. The Internet allows me to enjoy many wonderful blogs and I've made long distance friends by doing so. Happy quilting.

Rhonda said...

These 3 are sometimes funny, heart warming, interesting, makes you think outside your box and inspiring:

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're doing this again - I found a bunch last time!!

OK - I love these (among others!): - TONS of great inspration! - This lady is amazing - great personal strength and lots of project ideas! - she does great work and has some WONDERFUL patterns to share.

Cannot wait to see everyone's links - YAY!!

Cindy in SC

Me and My Stitches said...

This is a fun idea - more inspiration for all of us! Hard to pick 3 but here are some that I enjoy: - Missie is a friend and designs some really awesome patterns - I love all of her work. - Kathy works full time and still gets so many projects finished. It's always fun to see what she is doing. Check out her Moravain star - it's amazing! - Yvette also has a full time job and accomplishes tons. I have a feeling she never slows down! She usually posts on Sunday to show what she has accomplished during the week.

Anonymous said...

A really tough choice to make, but I like these three because they do amazing work, generously share ideas and tips, and come across as real people --

Quilting Daze by Darlene
Cupcakes 'n Daisies by Thelma
The Polka Dot Chicken by Carol

Cindy in NC

Colleen G said...

I started to follow Jenny of Elephantz in early days when it seemed like the Australian style was to include more stitcheries in their quilting. I also like to suggest a couple of Canadian quilters; Quilts by Darlene and Threadhead, both of whom have taught me much with their beautiful work.

Aunt Marti said...

How fun! Here are some favs, and why:

Susan's Sewing Space -- because she's Australian and we're so alike!

The Vintage Bag Lady -- because I love looking at the vintage travel trailers!

And I must add my own blog, 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks, because I have so much fun buying stuff because "it will be a blog post!"

Nancy E said...

Several of my favorite blogs have already been mentioned & others I know you read, but there are still many more blogs that I read each day.

Love reading Kathie's blog, not only does she show her quilts, but she often shares links to other great blogs.

Another favorite blog is Linda's. She shares quilts that she makes, plus ones she sees at shows.

Pam often has quilt alongs, in fact, she just started a new one.

Anonymous said...

I rarely comment on blogs but keep up with quite a few.
Thelma at Cupcakes & Daisies is so prolific! She has lots of good suggestions & reviews of quilt making tools.
Vanessa at V & Co. is a mom who has lots of fun with her family with hysterical stories at her own expense! She designs interesting fabric, fun patterns & has good, original sewing project ideas!
Nicole at Sister's Choice is my all-time favorite go-to quilting blog! She has beautiful taste & I always find inspiration in her projects. Nicole fits 25 hours into a 24 hour day & her work is flawless!

Jan in Wyoming

Synthia said...

Here are three of my favs:
very talented woman; beautiful photos; lots of party
quilting and knitting; good tutorials
uses a lot of wool; lots of pictures of work of other

Gwen said...

Patchwork Times by Judy Laquidera for quilting, knitting, cooking, gardening, raising chickens and just plain fun. Lots of quilt alongs and patterns.
A Quilting Life for really love quilts and inspiration. She also writes for Moda's Cutting Table.
Terifications for machine quilting inspiration.
Fun to see a lot of new ideas and many that I read listed.

Nancy said...

I am looking forward to finding new sites to browse--thanks. The things that keep me coming back to my favorite blogs are: a good, clear writing style; quilt-related blogs; and, for me, it is important that they blog consistently--every day ideally.
3 of my favorites are: like that she is a prolific quilter and shares her patterns freely, but also is a genuine person and entertaining writerwho shares her life with her readers-I really feels like a know her. love her love of cats as well as her fun quilting projects and her style of writing. is a 'farm wife'and we catch glimpses of that lifestyle, but her main writing is quilts--she also shares patterns that she and her daughter have designed.

Anonymous said...

I rarely comment of anyone's blog, but I read several blogs daily ~ it's my fix with my morning coffee! Along with your blog and Bonnie's three of my other favorites are:

PatchworkTimes with Judy Laquidara who is a very productive lady doing quilting, canning, gardening, raising chickens, knitting, shopping with her husband ~ I don't know how she does it all!

WoolieMammoth is also a favorite. She shares many pictures and is a hoot to read as she has a great sense of humor!

Then there is SusanBranch who is not primarily a quilter, but has a great blog with a lot of good recipes, good advice, and is just so upbeat about life you have to love her!

Ronda in Iowa

Wendy said...

Simplify by Camille roskelley
A quilting life
Late to create

scottylover said...

Just THREE? tee hee...I follow WAY too many. Here are the best of the ones I do follow.
The Quilted Fish:
She's a newish fabric designer for Riley Blake and has some Awesome patterns. She also offers retreats.

A legacy of stitches:
Just a fun blog to read and she shares a different quilt she has almost every Monday

Hyacinth Quilt Designs:
She is local and fun to read. I also love her modern take on things.

Sandy A

Anonymous said...

I love Pretty By Hand, Nana Company and The Pattern Basket and one more Canandian, Open Gate! Also check out Bee in My Bonnet, Marj Moore's blog and Posie Gets Cozy! For non blog I love For the Love of a House and Yvestown! Love your giveaway - 3 Sisters fabric and Miss Rosie - couldn't be better!

Kerry L.

Phyllis said...

My favorite blog is The Painted Quilt. Kaaren is such a talented lady and offers free patterns for quilting and embroidery. I also like Sweet P with her many projects and ideas and sharing what other quilters are doing. There are so many more wonderful blogs out there that it is hard to pick.

Joy Candrian said...
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Joy Candrian said...
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Ginny Worden said...

Looking forward to finding new inspiration from others, thanks.
Here are the three I picked:
they all do awesome work.

Joy Candrian said...

Here's my 3
Featuring great quilt & sewing ideas:
Diary of a quilter by Amy Smart
because I like applique quilts: Glorious Applique
beautiful patterns and photos... has

Cindy said...

I love reading your blog daily and rarely comment, but I love sharing other blogs I read. Some of my favorite blogs have already been listed, Patchwork Times and Jo's Country Junction but here are three other blogs that I love: aka Quilting in My Pyjamas. She is an Aussie quilter who is irreverent and funny and just lots of fun to read. is a quilter who primarily uses batiks and Kaffe Fassett fabrics and loves color. She is prolific and I love seeing what she is up to. is an American quilter who lives in Japan and does all her piecing and quilting by hand. She does some lovely work and be sure to look up some of the quilts she's designed for an annual auction at an American School there in Japan.

Annelies said...

Here are my three....

Pam Kitty Morning ( what a hoot)

Diary of a quilter

A Quilting Life

all lots of fun and very inspirational. XXX

Anonymous said...

Sharon Stroud and The Quilting Profressor are two I follow. Sharon is a local teacher who was on Simply Quilts and is funny. Kathleen is a Profesor I met in a class with Sharon with Sharon when she lived in NY

Brenda said...

Thelma at Cupcakes & Daisies always has such good eye candy. I love all the projects that she does and find such inspiration from her.
Nicole at Sister's Choice is another one that I find great inspiration from. She has good advise too.
I also like A Quilting Life and Bee in My Bonnet. Love the things they share and the great pictures.

Ramona said...

I see a lot of people have listed Cupcakes & Daisies - love it. I also follow Red Brolly and am working on her Girls Stitching club project. So since those and A Quilting life and Bee in My Bonnet are also listed, I will list Sinta's Pink Pincushion (she does the monthly Schnibble parade with Sherri at Quilting Life. Next would be Jenni at In Color Order - she has the BEST tutorial on folding your fabric!! And for my third is Cynthia at Ahh Quilting. She has great photography and designs the freshest quilts and has some of her patterns for free on her blog.

Shakerwood said...

So glad you are doing this! Sometimes it's hard to see them all but if there are recommendations .....

Mine are ....
Abyquilt (
Karen at Log Cabin Quilter
Debbie at From the Strawberry Patch

Really I have a lot more but since you just asked for 3 .... LOL

Cathy said...

A great idea Kim, we might all find some new inspiration. A few of may favorites are: - The blog of Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilts patterns, she is a very entertaining writer and serves up lots of tips and fun stuff. - I see a few other have mentioned Cindy; she is a traditional quilter moving in the direction of "modern" and nudging me along with her. Great designs and use of color in her projects. - Kristyne has a distinct style I really enjoy.

hadacres said...

I really enjoy these gals, lots of fun stuff & great ideas.

For a non-quilty one I just love Rue!


Diane E W said...

Glad you are doing this again.

Three of my favorites is
The quilted pineapple- beautiful quilting.
Bunkhouse Quilts - Ann does beautiful work, she has recently moved so she doesn't post as often But I still enjoy everything she shares

Tamarack shack - love her quilts on the ice in the winter time.

Joan said...

My three favourites are:
Lilabelle Lane
Pretty by Hand
Aunt Polly's Porch
There are so many great blogs out there. I am truly inspired by all of them.
Thanks for the opportunity.

Miss Jean said...

Besides yours, which is a no brainer, I love:
Quilting Daze
Cupcakes and Daisies and
Sister's Choice Quilts (although she's taking the summer off)

They are on my side bar of links. Looking forward to finding new quilt blogs!

Anonymous said...

I've been back 3 times to check out everyone's recommendations!! I don't know how these folks do it - so much eye candy!!

BAck later for more!

Cindy in SC

Carol said...

Here are 3 that I find inspirational:

The first two are authors of 'Sunday Morning Quilts' and have lots of quilts on their blogs.
The third blog is Elizabeth Hartman's and she has two great books - 'Modern Patchwork' and 'The Practical Guide to Patchwork'. Although these quilters are 'modern' quilters and I am very much a 'traditional' quilter, their quilts are not overly simplistic and show some creativity.
Many of the other bloggers that I follow have already been mentioned.

Sally said...

Oh my. I can't get much sewing done for looking at the wonderful blogs. Some of my favorites are:
Cupcakes and Daises
Sisters Choice
A Quilting Life
Which have all been mentioned. I also like Mama Spark's World and Freda's Hive.

Shirley S said...

The Painted Quilt - lots of free patterns.
The Tulip Patch - informative tutorials
Sew Mama Sew - full of information, tutorials and patterns

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Great post! Great idea! As it seems that most people have named some pretty good blogs already, and most of them are fairly well known. I'd like to add -

Pat Wys -
Talk about a funny lady!! She keeps me in stitches, literally.

Wendy Shephard -
Now this lady can really machine quilt. On her domestic sewing machine! Love her quilting.

Cluck Cluck Sew -
Lots of creativity, and lots of free tutorials. I use a lot of her patterns.

dortha said...

My three that you may not have heard of are 44th street fabric, A quilt and a prayer, and cowgirl quilter. I have enjoyed reading the other comments.

Tanya Quilts in CO said...

Ok I am a new quilting blog follower and recently started my own...My top three besides yours would be:

1. beeinmybonet--I am in love with Lori Holt's tutorials and fabrics. I just started her row along and plan on doing her barn along next. Plus, she has so many links to other wonderful blogs.

2. thepaintedquilt.blogspot--I am doing Kaaren's Happy Scrappy Spring BOM and like her Friday Freebies.

3. aquiltinglife--it is so inspirational and informative. She is the one that has totally got me pining to make lots of Schnibbles quilts.

Thank you for the contest!

inese said...

Okey dokey!

My favourite blogs (besides yours, duh!) are
O'Quilts -

My fave non quilt blog is and (I'm sneaking another one in)

Linda said...

1. Simplfy with Camille R.>love her fresh designs and colors
2. A Quilting Life with Sherri>love her quilting and fabric color choices
3. Red Pepper Quilts with Rita>love her tutorials and choices of bright and cheerful colors+great photos too
Thank You for sharing a neat giveaway!

Donna said...

These are the three blogs that I enjoy on a daily basis:
Cat Patches
Two of my favourite things - cats and quilting and cat humour too!
She lives in England and crochets. I don't crochet but she does lovely work and shares her outings with her blog readers.
And need to say anymore.

KMSC said...

There are so many blogs that I love: A quilting life (Sherri McConnell), Simplify (Camille Roskelley), La Vie En Rosie (Carrie Nelson), etc. But I thought I would venture out of the USA for another two blogs that I enjoy: Auntie's Quaint Quilts (Christine from Tasmania) and Hanne's Quilt Corner (Norway). They both show beautiful quilts and stitchery items. Another blog I like is Thelma's Cupcake and Daisies. She is so prolific!

Peggy said...

Simplify: because I love the quilts Camille creates.

Cotton Way: because I also love Bonnie's quilts and she is Camille's business partner as well as her mother.

Sew Simple: because I love her Tuesday tool time information

Susan said...

Very difficult to choose only three as I probably spend more time reading blogs then I do quilting
1 On The Go Quilting I LOVE her Friday Finds!
2 The Inbox Jaunt. She is an excellent FMQ - tutorials
3. Katie's Quilting Corner. All kinds of quilting info which has been very well researched

Diannia said...

I love these, in no particular order:

Crazy Mom Quilts for all her inspirations and free pattersn
Red Pepper Quilts for her beautiful use of brights
A Quilting Life love the Schnibbles

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim -- All of the blogs I check daily are listed here except for one, and since I'm not looking to win, I'd like to share She is an amazing quilter who shares half of her life doing charity work both in quilts and Habitat for Humanity. She authors the Heartstrings Quilts and writes all tutorials free for all of us. Right now to go along with your Scrappy Sunday, I am making her Star String Quilt. Thank you for many new blogs to read! Florence

Claire said...

My 3 favourite blogs are The house on the side of the hill, Sunshine yellow and Julie K quilts They all make beautiful quilts of different styles. .Claire

Claire said...

3 more blogs you might enjoy are chookyblue ,the wheels on the warrandyte bus and maisie and the boys .these are all bloggers from Australia again of different styles but all make beautiful quilts . I seem to spend more time reading blogs than quilting some weeks ! Claire

Sarah said...

Lots of my favourites have already been mentioned so I thought I would tell you about some other faves of mine. Susan at Canadian Abroad is a great read. Pretty quilts and funny as. Random Thoughts do or Di is great. Di finishes a lot and shares great photos of her quilts, family cooking and garden. It is What it Is by Wendy O is good too. Lovely quilts and she's travelled prolifically this year since retiring so beautiful scenery shared. The best thing about these bloggers is that they always respond to my comments.

Jean Burke said...

Here are three of my favorites:

Shiny Happy World - Wendy has lots of sewing tutorials and her patterns are so cute!

Love Laugh Quilt - Beth is just the nicest, most generous person - she makes you smile.

Mamacjt - her colors and drawings are amazing!

For pure laughs and craziness, read the Bloggess!


Frances said...

Oh how hard it is to limit the list to three. Your blog is a daily first cup of tea in the morning read.
Three other choices are :
--The Painted Quilt ~~ lots of patterns and inspirational
--Sew Create It ~~ Always so cheerful
-- Sheila's Quilt World ~~ So many different projects and glimpses of her quilting life.

Thank you. What fun it will be exploring new worlds.

Cheryl said...

I love reading the blogs for inspiration and entertainment. I usually spend a few minutes first thing in the morning getting my fill. Here are some of my favorites:
1. Cupcakes and Daisies -
I actually started keeping a quilt journal after seeing her 1st 100 quilts. Now she's on her 2nd 100 quilts!
2. Pleasant Home -
So glad to see that she is blogging regularly again. Love her scrap quilts and selvedge ideas... and all the quilts she shares!
I found her blog by way of quilts, but I enjoy reading about her chickens, garden, life in the country, just as much. Maybe one day I'll leave suburbia and have a huge garden and quilt!

3. Patchwork Times -

Anonymous said...

Hard to pin it down to just 3 - but a couple of my favorite quilting sites are:

Cupcakes and Daisies - Thelma is so real and does some really cute quilts

Julie K Quilts - is also a nurse - her blog includes nursing adventures as well as quilting

Pieceful Kwilter - it's been fun to watch her growth as a professional longarm quilter - she's down south and her family related posts and pictures are fun

My favorite non-quilting blog is The Pioneer Woman - her posts related to raising kids on a ranch remind me of doing the same when my kids were she's got some great recipes and giveaways.

Patty E in Central CA

Mary said...

Yours and Bonnie Hunter's are the first I read every day. A lot of my favorites have been listed, but here are some more:
The Patriotic Quilter - Military wife who does a lot of red, white and blue projects but also lots of other interesting things.
Minick & Simpson - Polly Minick is the sister in the design team who quilts. She doesn't blog every day, but shows pretty eye candy and is fun to read.
Pat Sloan - She has a variety of interesting things going on including her weekly radio show.
quilt taffy - She has an almost weekly giveaway from her etsy store and occasionally posts interesting things she is making.

Thanks so much for doing this. I found several fun blogs the last time you did this.

Karen said...

Choosing only 3 will be difficult...but here goes!

Cluck Cluck Sew: beautiful patterns!
The Quilted Fish: Love the patterns and always responsive to my questions!
Sew Kind of Wonderful: Lovely patterns and tutorials and Tool Time Tuesday is a great resource! She has a quilt studio "to die for"!

wendy@iqlt said...

My favs are The Painted Quilt, so brave and love her house,
Quilts by Darlene, great mystery going on now,
Sew Created, wonderful New York Beauty designer.
I love your snowman quilt.

Jill said...

Some of my favorite blogs are

Natalia is great long arm quilter

Melissa has 5 kids and still finds time to quilt and publish patterns

has lots of things to create other than quilting.

Thanks for the chance to win and I see a bunch of blogs I need to check out!

Doris R. said...

Hi Kim, thanks for another fun giveaway! Three of my favorite blogs are:, it belongs to Lori, who features other quilters' work, her quilts and her life adventures, AND, she makes quilts for the Alzheimer Project!, and it belongs to Patti, who shares her quilts and her life events. and it belongs to Marcie, who designs patterns, and shares her work and has free patterns that she offers at times.

These are a few of my favorite quilters because their work speaks to my quilting spirit. I love their colorways and designs! I LOVE eye candy and these three blogs give me plenty of the!

Thanks for the chance to win.

Doris R.

LJ said...

I am a follower of about 420 blogs - quilting and sewing related!! I really love lots and lots of them so I had to ask myself..."If you were to reccommend 3 to a friend, which would they be?" Here they are:
(1) Sew WE Quilt with Madame Samm She is the force behind so many wonderful blog hops which I enjoy and I love her humor. She babysat me as I started reading and following blogs. Where would I be without her?!!
(2)Just Let Me Quilt with Carol. She does marvelous work and has always been generous with her helpfulness and thoughtfulness.
(3) Jane's Fabrics and Quilts with, of course, Jane. She was another of my first bloggers and has inspired me and encouraged my journey.
(4) OK - I just have to add one more... Bee In My Bonnet with Lori is a marvelous blog. I love her tutorials - she is so clear with instructions and pictures. She is also a designer and I love her fabrics!!
That's it...OR can I add ALL the ones I follow??? lol

Jen said...

Kim! I took about a 6 month break from reading blogs - and just had to check in here! I've missed your humor and talent!

My fav blogs -
definitely A Little Bit Biased
also - Kay Mackenzie's applique blog, and I've been following the Quilted Fish since before she was "huge"!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm such a blog hound but my three favorites would be: and "Life is a Stitch"..the

Siobhán said...

I'm late to the party and loved reading through everybody's comments. I thought I'd add two more blogs to the must-check-list. Molly Flanders blog, written by Mary, is my favourite blog. She is generous with her information about why she chose what, nice tutorials, and I just love everything she does. Svetlana from s.o.t.a.k. handmade also has a wonderful colour sense.

Kigwit said...

My favorites are
My Current Obsessions She just started blogging again after a long hiatus. She's a prolific quilter, knitter, spinner and all around neat person.

I really enjoy Carol's Crafty Creations She's a fun quilter and has the cutest Boston terriers you ever saw.

My Sunday treat blog is Patchwork Times. Everyone probably already reads this one but Judy is also knitter in addition to quilting plus she's a gardener and has the funniest chicken stories!

sue said...

I'm glad you did this again, too. I found a lot of new blogs after you did this last year. My top three would be: Jos' country Junction ( I like her because she does so much. She writes everyday, includes free patterns and talks about her life). Cupcakes and Daisies ( her quilts are beautiful and I follow a lot of her favorites, too on her side bar) and Blogging Near Philadelphia (I like the way Nancy talks and the quilts she's making). Thanks

Busy Little Quilter said...

Thanks for doing this. I see quite a few that I haven't heard of before. I can't wait to check them out.

My three favorites, besides yours, of course, are: Pat Sloan at
Judy Laquidara is a friend in real life. She has already been mentioned.
I love the blog Sew Many Ways at

Many of the ones mentioned above are my favorites, too!

Raewyn said...

Oh my goodness - so much land out there to explore!! Neat to see all these favourites- and time to do some bloghopping!!