Friday, June 7, 2013

Thank You, Monice!

I know you remember Monice Moffat's Summer Picnic Quilt Pattern, right?  Quite a lot of you said you love the pattern as much as I do--and a couple of you thought this photo was my quilt.  Sadly, I haven't made mine yet--this is Monice's version.  But maybe some of us can work on the quilt together . . . well, maybe not PHYSICALLY together, but at the same time.  You know what I mean, right?  I'm not quite ready to start mine yet, but I'd sure like to start it soon!

So here's the really nice thing:  About 60 of you wanted to be entered in the drawing, and Monice was kind enough to give me TWO patterns to give away, which made the chances of winning slightly better.  The other nice thing is that if you didn't win but you still want the pattern, you can pop over to her Etsy shop and order it HERE.  And did you see her wool table runner pattern of a similar design?

That's in her shop too--AND she has a kit available if that's what you prefer.  (Personally, I think I'd also like the tractor to model it on!)

Ah!  But I bet you're wondering who the two lucky winners are, right?

Well, Shirley, who apparently doesn't have a blog, said, "I love patriotic patterns and Summer Picnic is just perfect! Hello Monice--your patterns are lovely!! Thanks for the giveaway."

. . . and . . . Frankie, who also doesn't have a blog, said, "I love this quilt! It's right up my alley . . . I love patriotic stuff! Thanks for the link to Monice's Etsy shop -- I'm pretty sure I need a couple of patterns. :D"

So Shirley and Frankie, click on my profile and privately email me your mailing addresses and I'll get these out in the mail to you--probably on Monday unless I haven't heard from you by then.

Oh, and in case you missed it:  Gloria posted a comment that she had purchased a pattern from Monice's Etsy shop and heard Monice is designing a pattern with a fall theme--I can hardly wait to see it!  Thanks, everyone, for playing along and encouraging Monice in her pattern designs--we're sure to see more good things from her.


Me and My Stitches said...

Congrats to the winners. Monice really does have some awesome patterns - hope to see many more in the future!

Kim said...

Yup, I did think the quilt was yours!