Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Just Lazy, I Guess

When I went into the Sweat Shop tonight I considered beginning the quilting on the County Cottages quilt, but that would have meant unplugging the Bernina, carrying it to a place on the floor where I won't stub a toe on it, picking up the Juki and power lifting it up onto the table, and hooking up the foot pedal and electricity.  Lord, I'm tired just thinking about it, aren't you?!  And I'd probably end up throwing my back out in the process!

So I thought I'd just cut fabric for the Schnibbles Dulcinea quilt instead.

Remember that bag of Minick & Simpson scraps I found in the scrap bin?  I ended up having to add a fair amount to what I had, but I knew I had a several--more than several really--fat quarters in my stash I could use, and I still have a lot of scraps leftover for the border--I didn't get that part cut yet.  But I DO have the pieces cut for the 16 blocks.  And I didn't even strain myself doing it.

I'll probably get a few of these blocks put together tomorrow night to show you.  Unless my vitamins kick in and I decide to do a weight sewing machine lifting work out.

Nah!  I don't think so.


Winona said...

Kim, you crack me up. LOL By the way, I received the pattern and love it. Just my style simple yet pretty! Have a great day.

Miss Jean said...

Why do you quilt with your Juki and not the Bernina? I'm curious.

Denise in PA said...

I understand exactly! I go through the same thing but opposite. I love piecing with my Juki so much, that's what in the sewing table all the time. I avoid doing machine applique or even zig-zagging batting pieces together but I'm just too darn lazy to go through what you just described - LOL!

Marei said...

Better to be "lazy" than throw your back out! Besides you're not REALLY in the mood to do the quilting, are you?