Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May I Make a Suggestion?

I lit another chicken on fire tonight and it was delicious!  I think the first one was better though, but I used more rosemary with that one.  Hubby prepared this one and he tried putting some of the rosemary sprigs/branches on top of the chicken, which kind of led to more ashes on the bird than the first time.  Not quite so nice, but the ashes wiped off easily enough.

Anyway, I think the cooking fun got me thinking about another dish I made the other day worth sharing--well, maybe I wouldn't want to LITERALLY share the food with you because I want it all for myself (and maybe a little for Hubby) but I don't mind sharing photos and a recipe link.  What is it?  French toast.  But really GOOD French toast.  Trust me.

Upside Down Apple French Toast with Pecans and Cranberries to be exact--Tyler Florence's recipe.  Yum!  Really, the only thing we didn't already have on hand was the Challah bread, and I'd purchased that at Trader Joe's the other day, thinking I'd seen a french toast recipe on some cooking show I might want to make over the weekend.

Memorial Day is coming up soon.  You might need to have some upscale french toast to help celebrate the long weekend.

Two things about the recipe though:  (1) unless you're a professional chef, it's probably going to take more than the 5 minutes prep time the recipe says so plan accordingly, and (2) unless you have an assistant chef or you're an incredibly talented octopus, I don't think it's really possible to stir the caramel sauce constantly while peeling and coring apples.  So do the apples first; the sugar and butter turns to caramel sauce pretty quickly and then you're ready to put it all together so it's good to have the apples ready.

Happy eating!


tpott said...

Sounds tasty and looks even better! If we ate breakfasts like this, I think our clothes would start to shrink. ;-> you must be a wonderful cook. Toni Anne

Sandy said...

re: your burnt chicken post - Yum! What a concept - burning the rosemary! And all those lovely goodies from the Farmer's Market. I think we may be neighbors ~