Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Patriotic Little Project

Remember the mini patriotic wallhanging I made the other day using a rejected star block?  I quilted it tonight and hung it in one of those metal table frames.

The star block was made with flying geese blocks that measured 2-1/2" x 1-1/2"; the center square was cut at 2-1/2"; and the corner squares were cut at 1-1/2"--just in case you want to make one too.  The star block then measured 4-1/2".  I cut the red and white strips 1-1/2" wide; the top four strips were cut 4-1/2" long; the bottom three strips were cut 8-1/2" long.  There you go:  a flag!

After that, I cut the yellow border pieces 1-1/4" wide, and the outside border was cut at 2" and trimmed a little after quilting.  I have a couple alternative border ideas in mind; I think I need to make a little hanging for The Wild Child, so if I try something different, I'll be sure to share.  Happy stitching!


Nancy Sue said...

So cute!!! Great idea for all my orphan blocks :)

JoAnne said...

I love this! (of course) I think I need to track down a table frame. Do you remember where you got yours?

Quilting Kim said...

Very cute & thank you for sharing.


JudyBL said...

Thanks Kim for sharing the instructions - I have one of these little frames and this will be so cute for the summer!!

Sandy said...

I just had to tell I went to Target and got some canning jars - the little pies are so cute. I'm not only doing the cherry but will do my apple cranberry crisp for our retreat coming up in June. The girls will love these. Again - too cute!