Thursday, March 14, 2013


Last Saturday, I was watching the Cooking Channel while I sewed.  I find I can't do that very often, because watching those chefs create yummy goodness just makes me hungry, and then I want to eat all day, so I limit myself on my TV food show watching.  Watching Chopped is usually okay, because I'm never really going to want to take those ingredients they find in their baskets and cook with them.  And usually watching cooking shows in the mornings is okay because I'm less likely to want to snack then.

So, Saturday morning.  There are a couple shows I like to watch and Kelsey's Essentials is one of them.  Last Saturday, the TV channel guide promised me Kelsey was going to barbecue, which sounded pretty good, but when the show started, I learned she was going to barbecue INDOORS!

Seriously, did you know you could smoke foods on top of your stove?  I didn't!  I wasn't even sure that we could smoke foods outside on our barbecue, although Hubby later assured me it was possible, even if we'd never done it before.

So what did Kelsey make?  The dish that really made me drool all over my sewing was Garlicky Smoked Shrimp.  Ummmm, um!

I could only imagine!  And you see, that was the problem--I could only imagine since I didn't have a stovetop smoker.  But I thought about it for awhile while I watched Kelsey eating smoked garlicky shrimp, and then I told Hubby I was pretty sure I wanted a stovetop smoker.  "Why?," he asked.  And that's when I found out we could smoke stuff on the outside barbecue.  But you know what?  The outside barbecue is HIS toy, and he's never used it to smoke food.  And if he never has, I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be the one to try to figure out how to do it either.  So I hopped on Amazon to check out the possibilities.

And now I have a smoker of my own, and tons of wood chips to go with it.  And the cool thing?  After I ordered my smoker, the price went up about $20, so I feel even better about ordering it when I did instead of holding off to mull over whether I really needed a smoker or not.

I think I just might do some smoking soon.  If I wasn't going to be out of town on Saturday and cooking corned beef on Sunday, I'd probably be smoking something this weekend.  As it is, though, I might have to wait until Monday or Tuesday night.

Do you smoke indoors?  If so, what's your favorite recipe?


Lady of the Cloth said...

Well, I set the smoke alarm off when I cook, does that count. Who would put a smoke alarm in the kitchen anyway? My husband, that's who. Enjoy your new toy.

Miss Jean said...

I've seen people on tv shows smoke foods in the kitchen. My only question is does it make the entire house smell like smoked wood/food? Let us know when you try it out.

Kim said...

We don't smoke indoors. My husband has a smoker he uses outside. Ribs and pork loin stuffed with kielbasa are the best!! turkey isn't too bad either. I can relate to not watching the shows because it makes me want to eat! Looking forward to hear what you smoke.