Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rabbit, Run(ner)

Sometimes I throw fairly obscure (to most people) literary references into my blog posts.  In this one, my bunny runner reminded me of the title of the 1960s book Rabbit, Run, a very well regarded piece of literature written by John Updike.  I thought what I read of the book before putting it down was pretty boring, but then that's generally my opinion of most literature, unfortunately.  I guess that's why I didn't stick out college to become an English major; instead, I've left that feat to the Wild Child to accomplish.

Anyway, now that I've bored you about as much as John Updike bored me, I'll show you my rabbit runner and tell you the book Rabbit, Run has nothing to do with an actual rabbit.  Typical for literature, right?

When we last saw this guy, I was contemplating orthodontia, which I did perform one day.  And I also gave him a lower lip/jaw under his buck teeth--kind of like Doctors Without Borders performing jaw reconstruction surgery.  Still, I wasn't happy.  He was just sitting there in the grass, looking kind of sad, lost, and (shhhhh!) not very intelligent.  In fact, he looked like a sad dog with long ears.  So I added a basket of carrots.

And apparently I did a really good job with that lower lip/jaw surgery because the basket handle seems to just be stuck to and held up by his lower lip rather than gripped in his buck teeth, but a person can only remove and replace a bunny's teeth a limited number of times, so this will have to do.

If I thought I could make some decent-looking butterflies, I would seriously consider adding two or three to the runner, but I'm afraid I'd end up with something that didn't look quite right, and then I'd be tweaking it into 2014, so maybe this is done now, except for the quilting.  Time will tell.


Fiesta said...

He is so cute Kim

Donna said...

He looks nice just the way he is!

Judy in Michigan said...

The border is so cool! Love it. (oh wait, I love everything you do!!) Seriously!!