Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Quilter's Block

Would that be the right term for an inability to muster up enthusiasm for sewing?  Or would it be a LACK of quilter's blocks, since nothing has been made, thus resulting in no blocks?  I'm not sure.  I've been so very unproductive the last couple days, but it's not really for lack of a desire to make something; it's more due to a lack of enthusiasm.  Where's the quilter's Viagra when you need it?!

I mentioned that I sat around the Sweat Shop Sunday night with project ideas spread around me but nothing motivating me toward any one thing.  Monday night I put those projects away, looked around the Sweat Shop for inspiration, checked the TV schedule (nothing, NOTHING on TV!), and decided to waste an evening on the internet, only to find the internet down.  I was starting to think my creativity biorhythms were out of whack.  Or maybe it was my feng shui and I needed to come home tonight and move furniture.  But after a restless night and an early rising this morning, I started thinking about fabric and I came up with an idea!

I don't want to tell you what the idea was yet, but I'll give you a peek.

See?  If I tell you what I'm doing now, you won't be surprised later and then you'll start to feel just as blase as I've felt.  No, I can't do that to you.  Besides, I'm not completely sure what I'm doing either.  Right now it's just a spark and an experiment.  No, I won't make you wait until I'm completely done; just until I have something more to show.  So maybe tomorrow night.  See you then!


Donna said...

Whatever it is, it looks nice and bright and springie (is that a word?). I need spring right now. We still have snow. Can't wait!

Carol said...

Love your Spring fabrics. Maybe there's something in the air or wanting it to be spring, I do am a lazy butt lately. Managed to finish a Twisted Shamrock quilt. Can't wait to see what fun thing you make with your pretty fabrics.

Carol said...

Doh, I meant to say: I too am a lazy butt. See, I didnt even notice my iPad auto-corrected my word to a whole different word. I really need to get motivated to finishing a Schnibbles quilt I started.