Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lady Bugs, Polka Dots, and Red Fabric

I guess you could say these are a few of my favorite things.  I've been "collecting" red fabrics--mostly fat quarters--for a couple years and squirreling them away in my secret drawer.  Okay, the drawer isn't really secret, but I DO have these "special" fabrics tucked away there until I find just the right project.

See the lady bug fabrics too?  There are a couple in there.  And there are a lot of polka dot fabrics in the drawer as well.  At the quilt show last weekend, a vendor called Lady Bug Lace had lady bug pincushions.  Yes, I bought one; I couldn't resist.

And I purchased a little bundle of fat quarters that go with my red fabrics, although these have black too for some nice contrast.

When we were at the show, there was a section that had several red, white, and black quilts that were quite nice--we all admired them.  Maybe that influenced my purchase a little bit.  But my best "find" of the day, I think was a nice collection of fat quarters from a little shop in Lincoln that we stopped at on the way home--Sew Katie Jean.

These guys--except maybe the one yellow fat quarter--definitely belong in my secret drawer; don't you agree?  Just looking at them makes me smile.  I found a possible pattern last week to use with my stash but I'm not sure yet--I saw it made up in reds and greens, but they were more "country" shades and not as bright as my little hoard.  I'll think about it.  And open that drawer every now and then to admire my collection.  How about you?  Do you "collect" any specific fabrics you just can't seem to pass up?


Miss Jean said...

I collect Scottie fabric. I even use it once in a while!

Carol said...

I have several collections - frogs, flamingos, insects, Betty Boop, music, dots, and stripes. I think that's all the 'specialty' collections. I won't mention the Jan Mullen, Sherrill Kahn, Jane Sassaman, etc collections. What can I say! It will all be used - someday.

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Polka Dots, gingham, and anything red!

dianne said...

poison green ... who can resist an especially toxic green?!?

Cheryl said...

Most definitely for me Polka Dots. I have never met a Polka Dotted fabric I didn't love. That pincushion is super cute.

quiltmom said...

I have a few collections Kim- some novelty fabrics like Maxine and Pickles for a cartoon quilt- some Kaffe Fabrics for a large Kaffe quilt and batiks which I love and am beginning to actually use in quilts.. Oh and sunflowers as they are my favorite flower..
Your ladybugs are sweet and will make something very lovely and fun.