Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine Coasters

Yesterday I showed you the wallhanging/candle mat and coasters I made from the woven heart block and I outlined some instructions for making the block.  Tonight I'll show you how I made my coasters from that block.

Besides the block (which measures 5") I cut a piece of scrap batting the same size, and two pieces of fabric for the back that each measured 5" x 6".  I folded the backing pieces in half, so each measured 5" x 3".

On the bottom, I placed the piece of batting, then the block, face up, and finally the two pieces of bacing fabric, with the folded edges overlapping each other--have you ever made a pillow this way?  These are very similar.

Next, I sewed a seam all around, about 1/4" or a little less.  I used my walking foot because I think it helps to keep the layers from "traveling" but I don't think it's necessary.

Once I sewed all the way around, I clipped off the corners--below is how the bottom looks with the batting layer turned up.

When the corners had been clipped, I turned the coaster right side out by turning those backing pieces around the outside and encasing the batting inside.

Finally, I pressed the coaster with a seam iron.  I considered quilting around the inside of the heart, but I decided it was simply extra work and I'd run the chance of catching the back seam so that it was off or wrinkled.  I also thought about hand stitching the back seam closed, but in the end, I decided it wouldn't really matter, so I left it as is.

Aren't they cute?  I think my friends will enjoy them!


Frances said...

Cute. Love the idea of "pillow" closing the back. Makes it so neat. Thanks.

dianne said...

they ARE cute ... and i really like the idea of the extra space to turn something that is so small to start with ... you are just SO stinking clever!!!

okay, maybe not STINKING clever, but very, very clever...