Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Work in Progress

Did you watch the Superbowl last Sunday?

I'm not a big football fan, but sometimes I'll watch the Superbowl while I sew--after all, I usually like to have something on making noise, and it might as well be football.  Besides, if I had a favorite team, I suppose it would have to be the 49ers, since I live within a couple hours drive of the stadium.  So this year I decided to watch the game.  And since I'd be watching, this year I bought four squares in a football pool.

Remember that long list of unfinished Thimbleberries quilting projects I showed you last week?  I told several people that if I won any money in the pool, I was going to use the money to send a quilt out to be quilted by someone else, just as a special treat to myself.

The game was pretty exciting, but the first and third quarters came and went as well as the half, and I didn't even come close to winning on any of my squares.  As a further disappointment, the 49ers were losing too, although they made a valiant effort to come from behind.  And remember near the end of the game when the score was Ravens 34 and 49ers 29?  Well, halleluja, look at this:

See that highlighted square at the bottom if you follow the "4" down from the Raven's line and the "9" across from the 49ers line?  Yep, that's ME!  For quite some time I was torn between wanting the 49ers to score a touchdown and win the game or keeping the score from changing so I could win $200!

But if you watched the game, you probably know that in the last couple seconds, the 49ers scored a safety for two extra points, and the final score was 34 to 31.  The 49ers lost and so did I.

So, since I'm not going to be sending any quilts out to be quilted after all, reviewing my expectations and consequently paring down my list of Thimbleberries quilts to be completed in 2013, seemed like a good idea.

I still have 11 Thimbleberries quilts to finish in 2013, and that doesn't include the non-Thimbleberries quilts I'd like to work on.  Maybe I should go buy some lottery tickets, and if I win, I'll send a couple quilts out to be quilted by someone else.


Judy in Michigan said...

Ohhhhhhhh, yessssssss, ah nuts! I was so rooting for you through that paragraph! There's always college basketball coming up in March/april!! Sounds like you have a project for every month of 2013.

dianne said...

maybe there should be another kind of pool/lottery ... like how many of us score our quilting goals by quarters of the year ... and the prizes are someone quilting your quilts (or sewing down the binding) - i know i'd buy some of those squares/tickets ... i miss having access to football pools - i never understood how they worked, but i always bought a couple of squares anyway because it was exciting...