Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Flawed Marketing

"Progress from Love Guru to Sex Magnet."  That was the title of an email in my spam folder today.

With my finger hovering over the delete key, I reflected for a moment.  A love guru?  It seems to me a person could be worse.  In fact, I don't think I'd really MIND being a love guru, you know?  That would make me a master of love, or an expert in all things lovely, perhaps; it sounds quite pleasant.  But a sex magnet?  Well, I wouldn't call that "progress," would you?  I've spent about 50 years or so of my life making sure that's the LAST thing I was.  Okay, admittedly, there were a few years along the way where being a sex magnet seemed appealing, but that pretty much just got me married and pregnant, and not necessarily in that order either.  Besides, I'm pretty sure a bona fide sex magnet wouldn't get very much quilting done, don't you agree?

So I pressed the delete key.  "Are you sure you want to permanently delete this message?" my computer asked me.  "Yes, yes, yes," I muttered, as I pressed down on the key again, "I'm VERY sure."

Now I'm watching my spam folder for an email that promises to turn an ordinary, middle-aged woman into a Looooove Guru.  If you get one, forward it to me, okay?


Quilty Conscience said...

Love it! Thanks for the humor! My "sex magnet" stage started young in a home environment that encouraged it. It took me into my '30ies to realize that is NOT what I wanted to be. Whew!

Tina said...


Velma Tauri said...

Thanks for the giggle!