Sunday, January 13, 2013

Block 12--DONE!

Last year, beginning in February, each time my stitchery friends gathered, I gave them a kit for the previous month's Harrington and Hannah block.  At today's gathering, I passed out the last of the block kits and I spent the day working on mine.

Of course, I had an advantage because I had already cut my pieces, prepped the background with a fusible backing, and glued down the pieces.  Now I have all 12 blocks done; next I'll need to work on setting them and I'm not quite certain how I want to do that.  Of course, the designer, Michelle May, designed a setting for the quilt, but I kind of think I'd like to do something different . . . or maybe not.  I'll think about it and probably put all of my blocks up on the design wall while I ponder what to do.  And, in addition to deciding on a setting, I'll take a last look to see if there's anything I want to add to the blocks or change.  This has been a fun little project that hasn't been quite the same as most of the calendar-block type of BOMs.  If you didn't participate this year, it's not too late to visit Michelle and download all of the blocks before they disappear.  Just click HERE.  She also has helpful stuff like wool felt, perle cotton, and kits to help you get going. 

(Have those of you who are allergic to wool tried the wool felt?  It's 20 percent wool and 80 percent rayon.  I'd be interesting in knowing if you have the same reaction as you do working with 100 percent wool.)

Happy stitching!


Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Well done, indeed. I have enjoyed working on this BOM, thanks for your thought and generous idea and gift!

Anonymous said...

my fingers turned red when used real wool but do not seem to have problems with thw wool lips chap when I use lipstick with lanolin too......Bo in VA