Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Quick Trip

A reader asked me the other day whether I thought Thimbleberries fabrics would lend themselves to the Scrappy Trip blocks some bloggers have been making--Bonnie Hunter/Quiltville has a tutorial on making the blocks with strips of fabric.  I replied that I thought Thimbleberries fabrics would be great, because one of the theories behind Thimbleberries colors is that all of the fabrics go well together.

And, since I had a rather large pile of leftover 1-1/2" squares from the Harrington and Hannah quilt, I thought I'd test my theory.  I made four blocks using the same colors in the same positions.  In the end, I think the eye would have tracked the pattern much better if the fabrics I used had been all the same in a row, as you'd get with strips rather than individual squares in varying tones, but my little challenge to myself was to use what I had on hand.  After I made the four squares, I decided to link them together with a sashing made of the same blocks that continued the color pattern out into the cream sashing border.

This little guy turned out to be about 20" square.  I quilted it simply, following every other diagonal "chain," beginning with the greens near the center, then blues, reds, and repeat through the colors again; finally I stitched along either side of the cream border and then bound it to match the red outer border.

And guess what?  I now have my first Christmas 2013 gift made!  I'd like to get a few more things made throughout the year so it won't be a mad scramble at the end--after getting sick just before Christmas this past season, I'm even more motivated to plan ahead this year.

I still have quite a pile of 1-1/2" squares.  I wonder what else I can make?


Anonymous said...

I have just completed my scrappy quilt and as much as I love it and am so happy that I used so many of my scraps, I really love how you defined yours with the yellow and red -- and the inserted block sashing. Now I want to make another. Yours looks great! Florence

Donna said...

Lovely job! I don't know if I would have the patience to sew 1 1/2 inch blocks. It looks gorgeous.

Synthia said...

Very, very sweet. I like the squares that move into the border at lot!

Anonymous said...

It is great Kim. I'm going to stop cutting strips and make a test block to enjoy. Faithful reader Rae.

Anonymous said...

I love your little quilt! I was going to use my thimbleberries to make mine as well. I am finishing up my BOM first. I love your blog!