Sunday, December 2, 2012

Welcoming in December

When I last posted, I was planning to head to bed early with a book and a cup of hot chocolate, but something happened--I think I was mesmerized by the computer and somehow got sucked into ordering shoes.  By the way, I've been on a shoe buying odyssey lately.  You may remember when I needed mother-of-the-groom wedding shoes in a wide size and several of you recommended some online sources.  Ordering online didn't work out for me then because I just didn't have enough time, but I've been trying to find some winter ankle boots and some other shoes, so I hit the keyboard recently and I've placed several orders.  The first boots from Zappos went back; the next two pairs of shoes from Amazon were slightly more successful--I'm keeping one pair and sending the other back.  And I'm waiting for two more pairs of boots and a pair of Mary Janes to arrive.

So, anyway, no early bed and hot chocolate for me, but I got a decent night's sleep.  This morning I met my girlfriends at Starbucks at 10 a.m. and from there we went to the St. John's Craft Fair.  Here in Sacramento, this is an annual and anxiously awaited craft fair; I've always wanted to go but never had.  I'd heard the crowds were horrible and that kept me away--that and the realization that (1) I didn't need to buy anything else and (2) I needed to stay home and decorate for Christmas.  But today I went and it was great!  Sure, I bought a few things I probably didn't really need, but I can hardly wait to show you.  They had some great things there.

At one point I'd become separated from my friends, so I found a chair to sit and wait for them to catch up.  While I waited, I watched people walk by with bags filled with stuff that seemed kind of tacky to me, but that got me thinking about the fact that I'm sure some people would find my tastes questionable too.  I guess it takes all kinds of people who like all kinds of things, right?

I was crazily tempted to splurge BIG and buy a large, primitive-ish/grungy snowman.  I thought it kind of looked like it was by one of the Bethany Lowe designers, if that gives you a bit of an idea.  (Think of a big fat guy sitting on the sofa watching TV all day who suddenly changes into a snowman.  Like that.  And kind of creepy looking around the eyes.)  I resisted, but it was really hard!  Speaking of Bethany Lowe, I DID buy a Santa by one of her designers, Greg Guedel.  (I got the photo off the internet--I'm not this far along in my own decorating!)

I think he's pretty cute!

All the while we were at the craft fair, the rain was coming down, sometimes very lightly and sometimes a bit heavier.  Most of the fair was indoors, in school classrooms, meeting rooms, and the cafeteria, but sometimes we had to brave the elements as we dashed from room to room, searching for treasures before anyone else got them.

Sometime in the early afternoon, when our energy began to flag and when the five of us were satisfied we had seen most of everything, we left the fair and headed to a favorite Mexican restaurant for my friend Lisa's birthday lunch--today was THE day.

I've got to say, today was a great way to welcome in the month.  Cheers!


JoAnne said...

It is sort of funny/coincidental that I was walking through the Walmart Chrismas department and was also thinking that some people must like what I consider "tacky" as well. I'm sure they would not like my decorations either. It must be fun to be a designer. You can make most anything and there will be a customer for it!

I do really like that Santa, too!

Anna said...

love your Santa! I buy a Santa every year and have yet to find one that "speaks" to me! hummm cheers!

Heckety said...

sounds fun! Like your Santa, he's got a friendly look to him, I'd be very fussy about that!!
I thought it never much rained with you? Guess I'm wrong.

Heckety said...

another thing, I think one can get away with a remarkable amount of 'tat' if its clean and colourful- it may be more gaudy than you'd have the rest of the year but its part of the fun...says she who has VERY dodgy tast in Christmas ornaments...

Debi said...

Hi, I live in Ceres, south of you & would love to know more about this craft fair you went to. We only have a couple good ones down here & they have already passed. Do they have it the same time every year & where is it located? Thanks. I really enjoy your blog, I check it daily.