Thursday, December 13, 2012

One for You and Two for Me . . .

Because I don't like to shop much, it usually turns out that at this time of the year, when I'm much more likely to set foot inside a department store, I end up coming home with many more things for us and our home than things for others (i.e., Christmas gifts).  Because, of course, there are things I've meant to get for months now, but I've put it off because I didn't want to shop.

Today, for instance.  During my lunch hour, I went to a beauty salon/supply/personal gift store; I was kind of looking for a gift for a friend and thought I'd use one of those rewards punch card ($25 off next purchase when card is fully punched) before it expired.  What did I buy?  Well, I was nearly out of hair conditioner and I found they had a special running on my product (buy one, get one half off), so I also got shampoo.  Oh, and a gift for a friend--but not the friend I had in mind when I went shopping.  So, hair products for me and a gift for a friend.

On the way home from our end-of-the-year Thimbleberries Club party, I stopped at Walmart; not exactly to find a gift, but more because I wanted to check out the options for a component part (coffee mugs) of a gift I'd been considering for a group of people. What did I buy?  Well, I'd been meaning to pick up a magnetic curtain rod for the last eight years or so (to hang a quilt on the metal door to the garage), and I also needed to replace the casserole dish Hubby dropped on the floor last week (unfortunately there was no way to replace all that yummy mac 'n cheese that hit the floor with it).  Oh, and I needed a couple pillow cases for the Wild Child's former bedroom to go with the quilt that's on her bed.  And a pair of new jammies for me.  But since they really didn't have enough coffee mugs, no gifts were purchased at Walmart.

As I was driving home, I was feeling a little guilty about doing so much shopping, spending so much money, and having so little accomplished as far as gift shopping went.  Hubby HAD told me a couple weeks ago that I should buy myself a pair of new jammies, wrap them up in gift wrap, and put his name on the tag, but I didn't really want jammies from Hubby.  Hummmmmmm.  What DID I want?

Well, at the Thimbleberries end of the year party at the quilt shop, I'd seen a really excellent quilt hanging near the cutting table, and they just happened to have a kit.  Now THAT might make a good gift from Hubby!

Lucky for me I'd had the foresight to buy it while I was at the shop.  Do you know that that means?  That means I successfully purchased TWO Christmas gifts today, which goes a little further to equalize the balance between buying stuff for us and our home and buying Christmas gifts.

Now that I'm feeling a little better about the whole shopping thing, I'd better get to bed.  There are still a few more gifts I need to find so I really should rest up.


Kim said...

Glad all was not lost! I'm not a shopper either, so I tend to do the same thing. Another thing that happens to me is that I find things that are cool new things, only to find they're not all that new, I'm just the last one on the boat!

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Shop On. :>)

Rabid Quilter from CA said...

Can't remember where I saw the quilt you got the kit for (was it Quilters Corner?) but I ADORE it! Now you've given me a great idea for a Hubby Hint!

Angie said...

ROFL Isn't this how EVERYONE Christmas shops??? I thought you were talking about me. :/