Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hey Out There!

It's been awhile since I posted anything, which is completely unlike me!  I've been taking my medicine as the doctor prescribed, and I've been slowly getting better each day.  Our family had a pretty nice Christmas, all in all.  The Wild Child had to return to Eureka on Sunday, and after Hubby and I talked about it for awhile, we decided we didn't like the idea of her returning home by train and bus without the Drooling Dog and then spending Christmas by herself, so Hubby drove the two of them--the Wild Child and the Drooling Dog--home, through a terrific storm.  They made it safely to Eureka by Sunday night; Hubby even got to watch a little bit of the Sunday night football game once he got to the hotel--he spent the night at the same hotel/casino where we stayed when we visited her for Thanksgiving.  After having breakfast with the Wild Child on Christmas Eve morning, he drove back home.  I was so grateful and proud that he was willing to spend the time and do all that driving to get her and her dog home!  In the meantime, I stayed home and rested; it was kind of nice to just have to take care of myself and not worry about anyone else.

Soccer Son and his Lovely Wife spent Christmas day with us eating and visiting.  I cooked a non-traditional--for us--Mexican meal, which was enjoyed by everyone except maybe me.  You know how when you cook a big meal sometimes, by the time it's served, you're tired and ready for it to be over?  Well, it was kind of like that.  I thought the food was okay, but I think I was too tired to really enjoy it.  Soccer Son brought a movie over to watch after dinner with his Lovely Wife and Hubby, so I took a little nap and felt better afterward--good enough to eat a little dessert, in fact!

I went back to work on Wednesday and I'm looking forward to finishing the work day on Friday evening and heading into another four day weekend!  While I've been well enough to go back to work, by the time I get home each night, I don't really have the energy or motivation to do anything but watch a little TV and go to bed early.  And I sure haven't had much to tell you about either since I haven't done much of anything, so I've stayed quiet.  I have every reason, though, to hope that by Friday night or Saturday I'll feel well enough to get back into the Sweat Shop and find something to motivate me again.  And maybe then I'll have something to show you and talk about.

How was your Christmas?  Are you looking forward to the weekend?


Linda said...

Happy to hear you're feeling a little better! I had a similar bug about two weeks ago. My goodness it's hard to get rid of! I'm happily back at my sewing table now and really looking forward to continuing to enjoy my Christmas week off! Have a happy!
Lurking Linda

Anna said...

I just realized after a month and a half I am no longer coughing at night! Glad you had a family Christmas. Ours was quiet but we were able to talk with both kids and family. I even stitched a little! Happy New Year!

sheddy said...

So good to hear from you. I was worried! Continue to take it easy and have a great 4 days off. You'll be back in the sweat shop before you know it!

debstokes said...

Soooo glad you are better. I miss reading your posts but knew you need to take it easy and get well!! Hope your recovery continues! Deborah

Anonymous said...

Missed you, but hope that you are feeling better. Thanks for the update. Take care,

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Hey you trouper! It is good to hear you are resting when you can and gearing down so that you can get better. Four days off, in a row, makes one giddy to think about. Wishing you the happiest ever new year ahead. TTY soon. Hugs.