Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Evening After . . .

By Friday, Manager Man's parents had gone home, so there were just the four of us.  As a last minute thought before getting on the road to the Wild Child's house for Thanksgiving, I'd grabbed a bag of decorative candies left over from last year's gingerbread houses, and I packed them along with everything else we were bringing.  Later, when the Wild Child and I talked about what we wanted to do Friday evening, we agreed that decorating gingerbread houses would be a great idea, so she and I picked up a couple gingerbread kits while we were out and about that day.

In past years, the Wild Child and MM had collaborated on decorating houses and Hubby's never had much interest in participating at all.  Based on those experiences, we thought what would likely happen this year was that we'd park Hubby in front of the TV while I decorated a house and the Wild Child and MM shared another.  Boy were we wrong!  The Wild Child picked out a Christmas train kit to decorate and I picked out a house kit.  By the time we "glued" the pieces together and were ready to make a quick run to the store for additional decorating candies, MM had pulled a package of graham crackers out of the kitchen cabinet and Hubby sat down to watch.  And by the time we returned from the store, they were both happily building their own . . . projects.

First, I'll show you MM's creation--a taxi cab with two chocolate covered marshmallow Santas in the front seat--wearing seatbelts.

The taxi actually started out as a Humvee, but somewhere along the creative path, it morphed into a taxi.

And Hubby made a graham cracker outhouse.  With a very happy gingerbread man with huge eyes.  I think maybe Hubby hasn't participated in the gingerbread soiree in past years because his creativity has been stiffled by gingerbread KITS.  I'm not sure, really, whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.  I'll have to give it some thought before next year.

And here's the Wild Child's train--driven by Santa, of course.  We found Santa at the store when we went to grab more candy--along with his blue penguin friend, who is riding in the coal candy car.

And here's my happy and conventional gingerbread house.

But what you can't see from that side is evidence of what can only be a rather disturbed and twisted mind.

Can you see the house come alive with window eyes and a mouth where the door should be?  And that's a poor little gummy bear there in the doorway, about to be eaten.  So sick, so sad.

If someone was to psychoanalyze the four of us by our gingerbread creations, I think the Wild Child is probably the only one who wouldn't be recommended a long course of therapy.  It's been suggested that eating turkey makes a person sleepy; I wonder, though, if eating turkey also makes a person slightly disturbed.  Someone should study that.


julieQ said...

Love the outhouse!!

Donna said...

Your family is very creative and artist. The outhouse is a hoot! And looks so cute.

Kim said...

How fun! I love the outhouse!

luv2quilt2 said...

What fun!

dianne said...

oh sure ... blame the turkey.

that is, seriously, the SWEETEST outhouse i've ever seen.

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

How fun is that!

CathyK said...

Looks like a good time was had by all!