Sunday, November 18, 2012

Arts and Crafts Day

I didn't get very much sewing done on Saturday but I did get a few other things accomplished that needed doing.  I finally consigned most of the pumpkins to the green waste bin, except for a few that I gesso'd and glittered for the Thanksgiving table.  Also for the table, I made these canning jar candles:

When Imelda and I went to Apple Hill a few weeks ago. we saw something a little bit similar that gave us the idea, so before our last gathering of our stitchery friends, she and I made "candles" for everyone.  These actually use those flickery battery operated "candles" that look reasonably lifelike.  I used some scrapbooking paper decorations, ribbon, bells, and artificial leaves and flowers to make them a little more attractive and put rocks and potpourri in the bottoms to cover the bases of the "candles."

Now that I've cleaned up the mess I made as a result of my "creativity," I think it's time to make myself a cup of hot chocolate and think about getting ready for bed.  There's a lot more to do tomorrow--there always is!