Monday, October 8, 2012

Some Quilt Stuff

Another weekend's over and I didn't get everything done I planned to do, but I did do some unplanned things that I enjoyed--it's always a balance, isn't it?  Cooking and food shopping really side tracked me but I enjoyed it and now I have a lot of food prepared ahead.  On Saturday night, with nothing on TV I felt like watching, I thought it would be fun to go to a movie, so Hubby and I went to see Perfect Pitch--and enjoyed it a lot.  It's got some really funny stuff in it, although I think it plays better to a younger audience than Hubby and me.  Still, the music was enjoyable and I felt it was a really fun movie.

I planned to decorate my Halloween tree and take some photos of the decorations, but I didn't really do that.  Maybe tomorrow night.  I DID take a photo of one of my favorite Halloween quilts, though--it's hanging on the wall in my bedroom.  I've shown it on my blog before, but I think it's worth showing again.

I used to belong to a Thimbleberries Yahoo group and now and then we'd have a challenge to make and send in a block.  The person whose block was voted the best (all blocks were posted online anonymously) won all the blocks.  I was super disappointed when I didn't win with my block--it's the one with the bat and pumpkin on the second row from the top, second block in from the right--because I thought our group had done a particularly good job on these blocks.  My friend Eileen won with the block that's to the left of mine--and I had to admit her block was really great, so she deserved to win.

Eileen is a fabulous hand quilter.  One Christmas, Eileen gifted me with the finished, hand quilted Halloween quilt--she knew how much I loved all those blocks, which were made even better by her quilting.  Since that time, I've greatly cherished the quilt.

One thing I DID get done over the weekend was to finish the overdue Comfort & Joy section.  Here it is, all put together:

You can see that it was quite involved with three areas of applique.  I think we only have two sections left--and I'm sure the next one will be due in a couple weeks, so I'll try to get going on it before too long.  But having finished this section, I took the opportunity to clean up the Sweat Shop, sort everything out, and get all the odds and ends put away.  It's funny how quickly things can accumulate!

I planned to design and make a wool gingerbread man arrangement--it's something my stitchery friends and I will work on next weekend--and not getting around to it was my biggest disappointment for the weekend.  Instead, I was sidetracked by sorting out all of my wool, something that happened when I went to find the wool I'd need to make the gingerbread men.  I didn't get all the wool sorted--far from it!--but I made some progress, so I can't beat myself up too much about the gingerbread men.  I'll just have to stay more focused this week to get it done.

I hope your weekend was what you wanted it to be.


Anna said...

someday I am going to decorate for Halloween...looks like so much fun! I love those Halloween villages they make like the Christmas ones.

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