Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Block Swap

Our little group got together just before the quilt guild meeting tonight to swap blocks, and although we ran into a problem or two, in the end we ended up with a good mix of blue and white "winter" blocks.

What problems did we run into? Well, the main one was that one of the swappers didn't show up--at least she didn't show up by the time I left, which was admittedly fairly early, because I had a few "wedding errands" to run, and so I didn't stay for the guild meeting itself. Sandy, our swap organizer, collected a block from each of us for the missing swapper and agreed to trade them out if the quilter showed up; if she didn't, it certainly wasn't the end of the world.

Let me tell you about Peggy, one of the swappers. Peggy has a blog, Beehive Quilts. I saw on her blog a week or so ago that she'd made first one block and then another, and she wasn't sure which she was going to swap. Well, in the end, Peggy was very generous and gave all of us two blocks, one of each. In the photo above, Peggy's blocks are the snowman and sled blocks--aren't they cute?

So, even though one of swappers may have decided not to participate, Peggy's generosity means we each went home with eight blocks. I think several of us thought that we'd make a ninth block to add to these eight and end up with a nine-patch type of setting for our swap quilts.

Besides the three appliqued blocks, there are five sampler-type blocks that showcase a variety of blue and white fabrics that just about make me shiver with thoughts of a frosty winter day. I think this will grow into a lovely winter quilt someday!

Not quite in the mood for winter just yet? Click on the link to Peggy's blog above and check out the blocks she exchanged in a Halloween block swap. Wouldn't those be fun to play with?!

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