Monday, July 9, 2012

No, As a Matter of Fact, I'm NOT Tired of Applique Yet

I had to stop and ask myself the question the other day: "Are you tired of applique yet?" After all, I'm half way into the Year of Applique, and while I've done a bit of piecing here and there, my main focus has been applique. And based on the number of applique block of the month projects I'm currently working on and signed up to start, this may well turn into the DECADE of Applique.

Really, if you've never tried any type of hand applique, I encourage you to try it--especially if you like other hand crafts like hand quilting, hand embroidery, knitting, etc. Applique is just one of those types of projects that can be relaxing and--maybe best of all--doesn't require a lot of "stuff" (although, yes, the method I use DOES use a number of notions and gadgets--but they aren't really necessary).

Later this week, I'll be leaving for a retreat with Verna Mosquera of The Vintage Spool--the retreat is on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The pattern for the retreat is her new Secret Garden block of the month:

While Secret Garden is a beautiful quilt, and I'd really like to make it someday, I'm not feeling it right now. We (Gran and I) actually signed up for the retreat before we saw the pattern. I've decided I'd like to work on her Abundance pattern instead. Although I have a lot of Halloween and fall quilts, I don't have any quilts with TURKEYS on them, and I think this would be an excellent quilt to display after I've taken down my Halloween quilts. Here's what that pattern looks like:

I will probably make mine in darker shades--more along the lines of 1800s or Thimbleberries fabrics, I suspect.

I will probably have to work a little overtime this week and I'll also need to get things ready for the retreat. I'm telling you this in case my blog posting is a little spotty this week--you'll know I'm just busy. Also, I won't have a computer with me when I'm at the retreat, so no blog posting then either. But I hope I'll have lots of stuff to tell you about when I get back.

Obviously, when I asked myself if I was tired of applique yet, the answer was a resounding NO! Thank goodness, right? I'd be in trouble if I was! Will any of you be at Verna's retreat? I'd love to see you there.


Jen said...

Oh how jealous am I? Say hi to Gran for me! I did Abundance and love it - haven't had it quilted yet though, because I just can't seem to choose borders! You can see mine here if you're interested!;postID=829771137367888396

Secret garden looks like a little much for me yet, though!

I just started Bunny Hill's Catch a Christmas Star - really cute, simple, and fast!

Teresa in Music City said...

Oh wonderful! A retreat with Verna! I am currently working on her Vintage Valentines and loving every minute!!! Have fun and come back and share :*)

krislovesfabric said...

Sounds like fun, I think you chose a wonderful pattern, I really like that gourd block on the bottom...don't know if it's enough to tempt me into the whole pattern with as far as I have to go on the snow guys!

Miss Jean said...

Wow! A retreat with Verna. Sounds like a great time!

Cathi said...

I love hand applique; even better than piecing. I'm in an applique drought right now, maybe it's the summertime.

Sinta Renee said...

Oh *!@#*! I didn't know you were going to this retreat! I had signed up but ended up canceling... don't get me started on that! But now I am really sad I am not going!!!

Sara the Great said...

have fun, we'll miss you this weekend

Jeanie said...

Just reading your blog for the first time. I will see you at Verna's retreat:) I will look for someone working on Abundance. I am bringing my machine this time and possibly some applique-although I am a bit burned out with applique at the moment:/