Monday, June 25, 2012

Star Gazing

Continuing on with the Comfort and Joy quilt piecing, this weekend I made six star blocks (in two sizes--6-1/2" and 8-1/2").

The camera caught just a little sneak peak of this month's applique block for the quilt--can you see it there at the top right of the photo? It's also upside down, so it probably doesn't look like much, and I can't reveal it for a few more days. That's fine with me though--I'm just getting started on it!

Beside making stars, I completed a square in square block and quite a few flying geese--I think there are over 30 of those.

Because the geese are totally scrappy, I didn't use any of the no-waste, quick methods, but I DID save the corners I cut off, and I sewed them all together into little pinwheel blocks. The quilt uses a number of plain strips, and I think I'll replace some of those with the pinwheels, for a little added interest.

This means I'm done with all of the block piecing--now I "just" have to make all the applique blocks--AND I have to catch up on blocks one and two, since we're making block three this month.

I love this quilt! I'm glad Anne twisted my arm and forced me to join in. Who else is working on it? Want to play along with us?


Judy in Michigan said...

Morning Kim - 3am on the east coast - can't sleep...did you make the stars by paper piecing? Very nice and such a nice mix of fabrics! Good job!!

Marj said...

Oh, all the parts look great it is going to be a very pretty quilt. Soon you will be able to tackle the applique.

Jen said...

Kim - I am constantly amazed at how much you accomplish! And you do it all beautifully! Thanks so much for continuing to share - I love seeing your work!

quilter said...

I like the stars...what are you going to do with them? Are they paper pieced? You are able to accomplish so much even tho working full time! Enjoy your blog.