Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just Yell!

Hey! Guess what? I finished the May Harrington & Hannah block! I think that means that for the moment, I'm caught up on my block of the month projects, although I expect the next Country Cottages block will be posted any day now.

A funny thing happened when I was uploading this photo to my Flickr photostream (and then to the H&H Flickr group). I realized that people actually look at my Flickr photostream and comment on photos! Oh, I knew people commented on new photos, and I take a look at those comments every now and then, but I guess I never really thought that people might look at and comment on the older photos.

I was kind of embarrassed to find comments on some of my photos asking me about the patterns or the fabrics I used, and I never responded! How rude am I?! Sheesh!

What I've realized is that I can click on something like "new activity" and it will then bring up a list with the most recent comments on the top, and I can see what people have said--I don't recall ever seeing that function before. So now I just need to remember to check that every so often, right?

I don't know if the same people who look at my Flickr photos are also the people who read my blog, but if ever you ask something of me--on Flickr or anywhere else--and don't hear back? Click on my profile over in the sidebar and then click on the link to email me. I will always respond to emailed questions unless you're "no-reply" and I can't--but if you email me directly rather than post a comment, then I'll have your email to respond to.

Awhile back, I mentioned that I knew there were blogs out there that published directions on how to change from being "no-reply" but I couldn't seem to figure out what blogs had that information. I recall there were a couple comments then with the information, or links to blogs with the information, but I never posted those here. If any of you leave comments on blogs and never hear back from anyone, you may be "no-reply." To fix that, click HERE and visit Woolie Mammoth--the directions are in her sidebar for anyone with Blogger. Besides the "no-reply" instructions, her blog is fun to read and she's recently (like last week) retired, so if you visit, wish her a happy retirement! (I wonder if she'd be interested in owning a food truck? Oh, and by the way, go back and read some of the comments on yesterday's post--there are some really good fantasy jobs there!)

And in case you were wondering, if you follow the directions and change from "no-reply" by clicking on "show my email address"--it doesn't really show your email address to all the robots out there searching the blogs for easy prey. It will just show your email to the people you leave comments for and to the people who go to your profile so they can email you directly about something. I've always had my email listed on my profile and with my comments and, at least so far (knock on wood), I don't get any spam in that mailbox, so I think it's fairly safe.

Ah, and that reminds me: Marilyn, you're one of the "no-reply" commenters, so I couldn't let you know the other day that as far as I know, my blog background can't be found as fabric. Bummer, eh? Those birds are kind of cute!


PiecefulChaos said...

You can also set Flickr to email you when someone comments on your photos (or favs one). You can get individual emails or daily digests. Love your block!

Anna said...

Thanks!!! for sending posting that I have a no reply instruction on my blog...I too feel bad when I can't answer questions asked of me. thank you for the blog kudos also! I am now the owner of a needle trolley or rather have ordered two! one for a friend who is retiring as a gift! I am totally envious that you are caught up...I wonder what that feels like???

Marilyn said...

Kim, thanks for the heads-up about my being no reply. I followed the instructions at Woolie Mammoth and even added one of my quilts as my profile picture. Hopefully, it worked. Please let me know!

Sandy from Thimbleberries said...

I am always impressed with the ability you have to make a pattern come alive. This one is awesome. I can't wait to see them all together.