Friday, June 29, 2012

The House Block

The other day I showed you the appliqued portion of the first Comfort & Joy block--I was almost done with it and I thought I'd be able to post the finished block last night, but I'd mixed up the day I was supposed to reveal the third block. Confused yet?

There's more. I also thought I'd be able to finish that first block last night, but I somehow became obsessed with food and the refrigerator and didn't make it into the Sweat Shop at all!

What happened was that I needed to go to the grocery store and decided Winco was the best choice. Do you ever shop at Winco? Do you get lost in there the way I do and then spend two or three times the amount of time you'd spend in any other grocery store? Yeah, I'm not sure where the savings comes in when I could probably make a lot more money just WORKING the extra hour or so I spent wandering the Winco aisles.

THEN there's all the putting away of food once I got home, because I tend to buy more "stuff" too--such good buys, I just couldn't HELP but buy 67 boxes of Rice-a-Roni, could I?

On top of all that last night, I thought I should clean out the fridge--because when I got right down to it, that was the only way I was going to be able to fit all the stuff I bought into it. And then as I cleaned and tossed, I found dried, sticky spills on each of three shelves--one was a broken egg that fell behind the egg carton and dried and the other couple spills weren't much better. Cleaning those up took another hour or so.

Probably more than you came here to find out about. I should just shut up now and show you the finished block, shouldn't I? Because I DID get into the Sweat Shop tonight.

Clearly, I still have a few unresolved food issues I need to work through.


Karen said...

For as much as I LOVE to cook - I'm not a fan of grocery shopping. I just did what you did last night and it involved clearning out and organizing the pantry as well as stuff was falling off the shelves lol. But it's a good feeling to be stocked up. Never been to Winco - sounds intriguing. Very cute block

marilyn said...

I love WInco because I can save a lot of money. Everything there is about 3/4 the price of any other grocery store around, but you are right, you have to plan for a longer time. And then there is the bag it yourself part, which isn't my favorite. How is it that when you come up to unload, all of your groceries fit in the cart, but when they are all in bags, it takes 2 grocery carts to carry everything out to the car. Am I the only one this happens to? SO embarrassing. Maybe I shouldn't buy 18 boxes of pop tarts :)

Laura K said...

I love Winco! I used to do all my shopping there but we moved and it is a lot further to go. So I usually end up going once a month to stock up on all the bulk items I get there. Like beans, rice, flours. That kind of thing. Most of my other groceries are bought at Costco or Walmart. I guess that is what happens when you move to the boonies!

Anonymous said...

looks like you changed the flag. Nice, I like it.


Carol said...

Oh Kim, you are such a fun read first thing in the morning. Hilarious. I don't have a clue what a Winco is, we have Costco and Sam's so maybe something like that? I just did the cleaning of pantry/frig with company coming - and a few pesky pantry moths I needed to find the source of (barley) - and my husband and I even did our garage freezer. I empty it out completely, he dollies it out to the edge of the garage for washing out completely and drying out, then back in for tossing stuff and refilling. I try to do that twice a year.