Monday, May 21, 2012

Seems Like Forever

Sometimes quilt projects seem to go quickly and sometimes they seem to take forever. Block five of Autumn House was one that seemed to drag on and on and on.

We--our group of four quilters working on this project--knew when we met to cut the fabric we needed at the beginning of May that this was a larger block than most months, with two houses and the two crows. In fact, I suppose it was more like making two blocks instead of one. And I kept thinking all week last week that I was nearly done, only to get to the end of the evening and find I wasn't done at all!

But now I finally am. And true to the way the block's gone, I thought I'd be finished earlier in the day--early enough to start another project. But I wasn't. I didn't finish until the newest Jesse Stone movie was nearly over.

What next? With the little bit of time I had left of the evening, I cut out the freezer paper template for the May Country Cottage block. I hope it goes a LOT faster than the Autumn House block I just finished!


Quiet Quilter said...

Slow, Medium, or Fast....the blocks will be finished..And this one is lookin' good!

Donna said...

Your Autumn House block is well worth your hard work. The finished block is awesome!

Anna said...

I agree...that is a double block...what was the designer thinking!!! LOL I am watching Jesse tonight, had to DVR it because we couldn't stay awake.

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Vonderful, Vonderful!