Friday, May 11, 2012

I Hate to Admit it . . .

Seasonal allergies are close to their peak here in the Sacramento Valley, with warm summer-like weather following closely on the heels of a rainy period. I imagine grocery and drug stores are hard pressed to keep their shelves stocked with boxes of tissues and over the counter allergy medications.

The other day when I came home from work, Hubby tried to convince me that his eyes were so itchy that afternoon, there was nothing he could do but close them and nap the afternoon away. Yeah, right! I happen to know for a fact that it doesn't take itchy eyes to convince him an afternoon nap is just the thing!

Tonight, though, I have to admit that maybe he was right. Because my eyes are so itchy, I think I either need to get to bed and go to sleep, or scratch the heck of out them until they bleed. I think I'll just head to bed.


Josie McRazie said...

I was watching a show the other day and they were talking about different things you could do. Some of them made a lot of snece like, when you get home wash your face, if you can wash your hair (a lot of that pollen stays in your hair) change into fresh clothes, and they used some kind of nose pot thing that helped to clear out nasal passages (another place that a lot of pollen rests!) I don't have a problem with allergies, but maybe you can try some of htese! Good luck!!

Anna said...

I'm right there with you! I just want to take my eyeballs out and let them soak in some alka seltzer...I don't know but that sounds like it might make them feel better!

Jen said...

I did the very same thing today! The wind is what gets me! And my kids have been sneezing their poor little heads off! Feel better soon!

Last year my doc recommended some over-the-counter eyedrops... and she failed to mention that they caused some dilation (and therefore I couldn't drive..... ) That was $9 down the drain!

I hope you can find some relief!