Friday, May 25, 2012

Country Cottages, Block 5

I've been working this week on the fifth Country Cottages block--this is the free block of the month from Shabby Fabrics.

The house and plant hook look like they're leaning a bit in the photo, but I think it's at least partly camera distortion. It turned out kind of cute, don't you think? But I had a little difficulty early on. I'd decided on the fabrics I was going to use and started making the house. I got to the point where I'd glued down most of the parts of the house, and here's what it looked like:

There wasn't anything really WRONG with it, but the colors and fabrics didn't feel like "May" or spring to me, so I started over. No loss, of course--I think this one will work just fine as a block for June or July, and now I have a head start. AND I have the block partially prepped, so I can take it with me to the office and do some applique on days when I don't have any other lunch plans.

The next project I plan to work on is the Schnibbles pattern, Doc. Have you made that one yet? I'm leaning toward using baby fabrics for that one and saving it until a baby gift is needed. If you've made the quilt, what fabrics did you use and what did you think of the pattern?


Synthia said...

Check out gwendiesquilts.blogspot. She has a flimsy that's done and very cute.

Kathy said...

I made my Doc quilt out of Lovely by Sandy Gervais - I'm very happy with it, but haven't posted pictures yet. I think it would be a great pattern for a baby quilt. I made mine with one extra row so it could be a lap quilt. That messed up the border part, but I creatively fixed that LOL.