Friday, April 20, 2012

Whew! I'm Glad That's Done!

My firm's been celebrating Administrative Professionals Day Week this week--one week early because our office manager has a law office administrator's conference to attend next week and won't be here.

Each year during the week-long celebration, the office gives us little treats. This year there's a beach theme in play, and on Wednesday we were given beach totes with suntan lotion, sunglasses, beach towels, etc. The day before we each received a wall clock with some type of beach scene--now most of us have our new clocks at our desks. On Monday we were greeted with a jar of toffee nuts and fresh fruit.

Anyway, today (Thursday) was a nice lunch out at a restaurant on the river (as close to the beach as we could get) and an early end to the work day--we didn't have to go back to work after lunch. For me, that meant getting off work about two hours early. Woo-hooo!

I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my extra time off, but in the end? I decided to clean house. I know! Not much fun, right? But now my house is clean and I have the whole weekend to play! I think that's a pretty good "gift," don't you?

I'm not sure what the office has planned for tomorrow, but there's something about a barbecue. I'll let you know what happens.

Oh, and Happy Earth Day!


Quilt Hollow said...

I love how your job treats you!

Josie McRazie said...

Nice! I am looking forward to my first day off since last year next Thrusday! You ENJOY!!

Anna said...

It is nice to be appreciated!