Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So What Else is New?

I'm glad I had a little show and tell for you in reserve, because if I hadn't, I'm not sure I'd be writing a post at all. Work is really crazy busy this week, and I stayed until 9:30 tonight, trying to get the more urgent matters attended to. I don't mind working hard, but it sure cuts into my play time!

Really, the only project I finished this past weekend that I hadn't shown you yet was the third block of the Autumn House block of the month. This is the pattern by Bunny Hill that four of us in my stitchery group are working on together.

Most of the time when I show applique blocks, someone leaves a comment asking about my method of applique--and much of the time, the commenter is "no-reply," so I haven't been able to answer. Yes, I do hand applique. I use the freezer paper and starch method. I'll check to see if I've done a tutorial on the method; I think I have but if not, I'll do one soon. Plenty of opportunity, I'm sure.

This block completes the top row of the quilt, and I was curious about how it looks so far, so I got the other two blocks out and lined them up:

Really, if you've seen the original Autumn House quilt, you'll realize mine looks much the same. I made a little design change on the first block, but the other two are the same as the patterns and we're even using most of the same fabrics. I know--I told you just yesterday about how I don't like my quilts to look like everyone else's but I don't mind so much with this one. And who knows? Maybe I'll make a few changes here and there. I wouldn't be too surprised if I found myself adding a squirrel flattened by a falling acorn at some point, you know?

When I finished the third Country Cottages block, like Autumn House, I wanted to line the first three blocks up and see how they look--I took a photo so you could see:

My roof seems to be getting higher with each house, doesn't it? I'll have to pay closer attention to that in the future--I hadn't really thought about it until now. I think I might have made the first roof a little lower than the pattern because I liked the balance better, and then I completely forgot about it by the time the second and third blocks came along!

It's time now for bath and bed--I can't believe I have to be back at the office again so soon, especially when morning seems to arrive so unnaturally early since Daylight Savings Time kicked in. "See" you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
Inspired by you, I too am doing the Country Cottages blocks. I have few if any appliqueing skills and thought this pattern would be a good chance for me to practice and improve those skills. I watched the videos on the Shabby Fabrics site and am still struggling. So, I will be delighted to see your tutorial on how to use freezer paper and starch. Your blocks are great; I love the variety.

Josie McRazie said...

So sick and twisted and yet i love the squished squirel idea!!

Jen said...

That's it! I"m calling the squirrel police on you!!!!!!!

Oh, yeah, and I"m downloading those cottages... I"ve been looking for an applique project for my retreat.. and I think that'll do!

Anonymous said...

Nice work. Don't know if I like your squirrel idea though.


Denise said...

Your houses blocks are just so darn cute...I'm inspired to try one myself. Thanks for sharing. happy sewing!