Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Little Under the Weather

I've been feeling a bit ill today with a stomach bug, so I stayed home from work and slept a lot. I had chills for awhile, and being in bed under a couple quilts seemed like the best place to be. Thankfully, I'm feeling better this evening.

When I was up and about, I stitched on the rabbit project I showed you yesterday. Coincidentally, that was the same project Cindy in SC found to work on. I'd love to see hers one of these days. Of course, I haven't finished mine yet, but over the weekend, I worked on the Harrington and Hannah block for March.

I tend to like using wool a bit more than I like embroidery, so I've made a few small changes to mine. This is really a cute BOM, and I'm looking forward to seeing the new blocks each month.

Time to crawl back under those quilts and get a good night's sleep so I'm ready for work in the morning. I'm glad you could stop by!


Anonymous said...

I just finished my rabbit project from Don't Look Now. I had the pattern and the fabrics sitting out for a year, so finally decided I either needed to do it, or put the fabrics back. I trimmed mine up to 12 1/2" and then added a 3 1/2" border around it and made it into a pillow with bound edges.
I hope you are feeling better soon, Kim! Helen

Judy in Michigan said...

Sorry you're under the weather - be well soon! Love your wool work - so cute. AND, your new wallpaper on your blog really makes me smile!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are feeling bad. Hope everything is OK.


Miss Jean said...

Get well!!!!!

Anna said...

Take care...lots of hot soup. I totally forgot about March's block! Dang!