Thursday, March 29, 2012

Challenged By Pants

Not long ago, I told you about an incident in which I ended up with no pants. Appropriate perhaps; if you do a Google search for "kim quilts nude" you end up with me: I easily outstripped Kim Kardashian long ago. Yes, I did intend the pun.

Just to show you that I truly AM pants challenged: On Tuesday, after being home sick from work on Monday, I went searching for some clean clothes. I'd done my own laundry over the weekend, so I really only have myself to blame this time. When the laundry had come out of the dryer, I hung all the tops and gently tossed the rest into a laundry basket to be dealt with later. Well, Tuesday morning was later, and after a little search, that's where I found all of my pants.

I grabbed a pair of pants and got dressed. I quickly glanced at myself in the mirror as I was leaving the bedroom, already running a couple minutes late. My pants were kind of wrinkled. Well, more than "kind of." What to do?

I remembered I had a can of this stuff, which is a truly excellent product:

All you do is spray it on, tug and smooth the wrinkled garment, and no more wrinkles! So that's what I did, and sure enough, the wrinkles fell out.

Probably because I was still recovering from an illness, I failed to consider that I had chosen to tug and smooth my black slacks on the Wild Child's bed where the white cat hangs out much of the time. The WHITE cat. You see where this is going?

Several minutes later--and keep in mind that I'd been running around the house pantsless the entire time--I finally managed to remove all of the white hairs from my black slacks. Unfortunately, I got to work a little late that day, but it was TOTALLY due to illness, right?

I've made up my time, though. And THEN some--several hours, in fact. Tonight (Wednesday), I put in about four hours overtime. Why? Because I'm taking next week off work and I have a TON of stuff that needs to get done between now and when I walk out the office doors on Friday night. And being home sick on Monday sure didn't help!

I expect there will be more overtime in the next couple days and maybe not a lot of blogging if I don't have anything interesting to say or if I'm too tired to stay awake for it. Also? I'll be away from all of you from Saturday until Monday night or Tuesday, depending on when we get back into town. So if you don't "see" me here much in the next several days, don't worry. I'll be back to my normal blog schedule soon, even if I have to write without pants.


Anonymous said...

This is soooo funny...and I can identify! I only have 2 pair of pants...they are alike. I have to keep them washed up...or I'd be pantless too! LOL ♥♥♥

Dannelle said...

I really am panting from an overdose of pantless laughter! I would be so cold without my pants....

piece peace said...

The pants saga continues. I love it. You are too funny. Thank you so much for sharing your humor.

Josie McRazie said...

I tell you I have a short haired white dog and a long haired black dog, I get it from both directions, so I feel you!! Hope your week flies by s you can get onto your vacation week! :)

Anna said...

one of my goals in retirement is to stop dressing out of the laundry basket...but then if I was retired i wouldn't need to get dressed! lol

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Looking for that can next time I go shopping. And I can identify with the black pants and cat hair. I have 2 light colored cats here and they are everywhere. No surface is safe. LOL! speaking of which... need to bust out the vacuum this weekend.