Thursday, February 23, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Have you wondered why I haven't been posting about thrift store finds lately? I've kind of been wondering about that myself. I think I've just got so much useless crap many collected treasures taking up room in my house that I hesitate to go out and look for more. Still, the urge never quite goes away. During my lunch hour today, I went to a nearby "antique mall" to browse. For the most part, I was hoping to find something Easter-y; just about anybunny would do. The only Easter-y goodies that grabbed me were a couple of postcards. In addition to the postcards, I found a few vintage sewing goodies, and corn holder thingies--made in England, which seems like a fairly good thing. After all, many of my transferware plates come from the same place!

Here's a photo of my haul--

Check out the back of one of the postcards--

I like the way the writer says, "Why don't you write? Is someone sick?!" Can't you just about hear her saying it? I also think it's pretty cool that for two cents a person could send a postcard addressed to another person without any street address--simply a city and a state. I don't know if you can see the postmark very well, but this postcard was from 1919. And seriously, from what I can make of the rest of the writing, there's mention of other people in the family being ill; this was right around the time of the big Spanish flu pandemic, I think. (By the way, this reminds me--have you been watching Downton Abbey? I love that show!) I think it's fascinating to hold a little piece of someone's past, like this postcard--it really brings history to life.

Tonight I finished making the sashing for the quilt I showed yesterday, but it was such a boring, tedious task that when I finally finished, I took a little time to play in the scraps. I have no idea what I'll make, but I now have 24 3" (finished) 9-patch blocks to bank away. Maybe THIS is why swapped blocks never seem to get used up!

The next part of the quilt top--something I didn't feel like tackling tonight--is to cut ginormous squares and criss-cross cut them for the setting triangles. I'll do that tomorrow night. In the original pattern, they used a green fabric for the setting triangles. The other color option I've been considering is using a cream colored fabric. Any opinions? Here's the photo again--


Eileen said...

The no address on that card is because Rittman, Ohio is small and probably much smaller in 1919.
Neat, you didn't show the front,

Synthia said...

Your thrift store finds are great. Love the post cards. Treasures all..................

Marie said...

If this were my quilt, I would use cream for the setting triangles and then a narrow border of the green before deciding on the outside border, I think this would sort of "float" the centre blocks. It's a lovely quilt that I am sure you will always treasure and therefore forget the tedious hours spent, sewing the sashings!