Friday, January 27, 2012

A New Home For a Quilt Top!

I've picked a "winner" for the quilt top I put up for adoption yesterday, and the entry I drew was "Anonymous"! Yes, there were a couple entries by the Anonymous family, but this member said,

"I'd love to adopt your quilt top, cat hair and all. I need practice on machine quilting. Thanks for the sharing - your words and your unwanted quilt items. cindy cke49 at yahoo dot com."

Congrats Cindy! Email me your mailing address and I'll get the quilt top and cat hair in the mail to you.

In the last couple weeks, I've have a few new visitors to the blog: The Heart Struck Runner I designed for the Valentine's Blog Hop last year was featured at FaveQuilts and they posted a link. I realized today that with new visitors, I probably should have posted my "rule" about giveaways--that the person must come back to the blog to find out they've won, rather than me email them with the news. I don't know if Cindy is aware of the rule, but normally if I don't hear from a winner within a few days, I'll pick someone else. I DO very much hope Cindy comes back to claim her win, but if I don't hear from her by Sunday evening, I'll pick a new winner.

In the meantime, if you were hoping to win and weren't picked this time, don't despair: I still have a LOT of things to clean out, so there's bound to be more giveaways. Stay tuned!


Anonymous said... cute! Congrats to the Anonymous family. =)

Gwen said...

Congratulations, Anonymous! ;-) Lucky girl, you!! :-)

Josie McRazie said...

congrats Cindy. And hey, who wouldn't want to come back and visit you! LOL!! Giveaways or not! Thanks for being here Kim!!

Paula said...

Congrats to Cindy! Hope she comes back to claim her wonderful prize.
I will be back...giveaway or not. I just love reading your blog.
Have a great week-end.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog every day - it's the first one that I go to. I have made comments before. Thanks for such a nice give away. I plan on donating the quilt after I get it quilted. Thanks so much for sharing.

Julie said...

I'm only upset that I don't get the cat.


Lynne in Hawaii said...

Cindy, you are a lucky girl! Congrats! And thanks, Kim, for your blog and your generousity everyday!

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

parabéns garota de sorte.gosto de seu blog mesmo sabendo que não posso participar de sorteio.beijos .

Kelli said...

Congrats to your anonymous fan! :o) xo

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Congratulations to Cindy the anonymous! :)