Friday, October 7, 2011

Lady of Leisure?

Not exactly! I would have thought that being off work, recuperating from surgery, would have given me plenty of time to sit around and contemplate my navel, but it doesn't really seem to be working out that way--at least not this week.

On Wednesday, I had a housecleaning service come. I've never had anyone else clean my house before; have you? It was an interesting experience.

I had purchased a half-priced cleaning package from Living Social but then I found they were booked up through the next couple months, so I ended up paying full price for Wednesday's house cleaning. The reason behind hiring a cleaning service was because I thought it was best I not use my hand too much for another couple weeks. All in all, they did a pretty good job, but I found they didn't clean a couple things I would have expected and DID clean a couple things I myself clean only when I'm doing more major cleaning. I actually felt kind of sorry for them: I have a lot of "stuff" (a more polite term than the word that came to mind), including my seasonal decorations, craft and sewing supplies, etc., that they had to clean around. I have reason to know that's not the easiest job!

While the service cleaned my house, Hubby hung out in his garage workshop and I ran some errands I'd been putting off. By the time I got home in the afternoon, most of the day was gone. Oh, you know what one of the biggest benefits of the house cleaning was? It motivated me to finally, FINALLY clean out that purse that I had sitting on the floor in the corner of my bedroom so it wasn't just one more thing they had to clean around.

On Thursday, I drove into my office for the firm's annual flu shot clinic, followed by a visit to the physical therapist, the quilt shop, and Trader Joe's. We're having a bit of a gathering at our house on Saturday, and there's a lot to do to get ready for that. Remember the Halloween gingerbread house I showed you awhile back?

Well, I've rounded up a few more houses and invited Soccer Son's Lovely Wife to Be Someday and her mom over on Saturday afternoon to decorate houses with me and the Wild Child. The "boys" will come over later for dinner. I think we'll have a great time!

Although the week has been a busy one, it really hasn't been too bad. At least I'm not bored to death with nothing to do! Not that THAT's really likely to ever happen anyway--not as long as my brain's active and I'm dreaming up new projects to work on and plans to carry out.

What do you have planned for the weekend?


Quiet Quilter said...

They (whoever "they" are) say that the number of things you do always seems to fit into the time you have available. Congratulations on having a cleaning service..sometimes pampering yourself becomes a necessity...

Gran - Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

For the weekend - I am sitting here in my nice suite over in San Ramon. Just had a yummy breakfast in the lounge and relaxing before doing my final gathering to take all my "stuff" to the first day of Verna Mosquera's Haunted Harvest Retreat. It last three wonderful days. Wish you were here.

Janet said...

It is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. We will be cooking the Turkey dinner on Saturday as our older kids have to work on Sunday and Monday. October is absolutely my favourite month the leaves here are half on the ground and Turkey day and Halloween are my favourite holidays. Have a great weekend!