Saturday, October 15, 2011


I haven't done a post about a word for awhile now, and this one is particularly appropriate. Ennui. Do you know what it means? Here's a definition: "Listlessness and dissatisfaction resulting from lack of interest; boredom." It's derived from the French and is pronounced "on-we." Bonus points if you can use it in a sentence when speaking to your husband, kids, or grandkids this week.

I think maybe one of the causes of ennui is too much pain medication. After the pain pill earlier yesterday evening, I took a Tylenol PM before going to bed rather late, because by then I could barely move my mouth without pain. Boy, oh, boy did I sleep soundly! And long! In fact, several efforts to wake up and stay awake this morning were defeated by the lingering effects of the medication. I finally managed to breach the surface of the sleep pool around 10:45 a.m. and drag myself out.

For all I got done the rest of the day, though, I might as well have just stayed in bed. Ever have days like that? I knew there were things I had planned to get done today but I just couldn't muster up the energy or interest to even begin. And you know what? I didn't care.


There IS an upside though--not everything is doom and gloom around here. When I woke up, my mouth and face felt fine again and my knee barely bothered me at all--so I can't use pain or illness as an excuse for laying around the house doing nothing today. All I've got is ennui. Now I'm going to head to bed for a drug-free night's sleep, because I have twice as much to get done tomorrow, and I can't afford another day like today.


Denise in PA said...

I'm so glad we have it, but pain medication does really do a number on you! Glad you're pain is going away - you'll perk up in no time!

Miss Jean said...

Once in a while, when things get overwhelming at my house, I allow myself a "do nothing" day. Nap and watch television, wash, repeat...." The next day I'm fine and ready to hit the decks. I'm glad you are feeling better. Dental pain is no picnic!

Annette said...

Maybe it was something in the air in Sac yesterday? I had the same bleh kind of day. My kids were the same too. We got almost nothing done and we didn't care either. Here's hoping today is better; the laundry won't do itself!

deb said...

what a great word....sometimes at the end of a non productive day I think Ive wasted it but sometimes we just need down time:)

Katie said...

Everyone needs an ennui day now and then. Glad you are feeling better. :-)

Kris said...

Ok. Loved this word post. I know all about "on-we" and can even use it in a sentence (and often do), but I never realised it is written "ennui". I have learnt something new and can now write about my ennui!

debbie said...

Now I have a word for it, lol.
I have a similar "hangover" reaction to "PM" meds. The PM part is the same med as benedryl, which causes heart problems for me. I have palpatations and my blood pressure drops to dangerous levels. I'm not supposed to take it at all, in any form, no matter how small the dose. I had no idea they were the same med until a friend called the day after I had taken the same med and I could hardly stay focused on our conversation. She is the one who enlightened me. That was 15+ years ago. No big loss for me Tylenol does nothing for my pain, which is not uncommon according to my Dr.
Glad you're feeling better. What's the word for very productive...I need to practice that more in my life. Maybe if I had a word for it and repeated it over and over, everytime I sat at the computer to putter around...:o)