Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Oh, Hoppy Day!

I wanted to tell you about a couple blog hops--just in case you spend a lot of time under rocks like I think I must.

Moda Country Fair. Do you know about it? The blog hop started today. Well, yesterday, really, but it's still Tuesday for me. The first stop was a visit with Sandy Gervais and Pieces From My Heart. Twenty-seven designers involved in the Moda hop, and the hop carries on into the beginning of October.

Blog hops are great vehicles for new ideas, inspiration, and patterns, and Moda's Country Fair hop promises to be no exception. Sandy Gervais has a pattern for a cute little purse. (By the way, how about using the hop to get ideas for Christmas gifts? What woman or girl couldn't find a use for this darling little purse?!)

There are links at the bottom of the Pieces From the Heart blog to the rest of the Moda designers and a listing of their days. By the time you read this on Wednesday, it will be Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill's turn.

By the way, just in case you're not hopped out by the time Moda's done with you . . . well, did you see the badge in my sidebar about the Ghastlies Blog Hop? Yep, we're having one and the plans are currently being firmed up. I'll let you know a few details soon. I think it's going to be fun, so save a little energy for us.

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